2007 Elections Presage Potential Problems in 2008

Mostly, Tuesday's state and local elections fell within the bounds of what observers might call "free and fair". However, there were enough rough spots to call attention to the fact that 2008, like 2004 and 2000, is likely to see a range of rules, laws, and tactics that will serve as barriers to participation.

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Virginia Legislature numerical results and Mississippi governor results

These are the compiled from the figures on the Virginia Board of Elections website.  I compiled them myself.

The results obviously are still unofficial, but I wouldn't expect major changes.  These results come from after every precinct total came in.

State Senate
Total Votes: 1,236,134
Democrats 589,674 47.7% (30 candidates)
Republicans 591,253 47.8% (27 candidates)
Independent 25,905
Indpendent Green 10,091 (2 candidates)
Libertarian 8,311 (2 candidates)
Write In 10,900

State House (or whatever it's called)
Total Votes: 1,213,702
Democrats 521,334 43.0% (67 candidates)
Republicans 622,877 51.3% (65 candidates)
Independents 53,247
Independent Green 4,339
Write In 11,905

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Know a progressive candidate?

We are searching for new candidates (or current electeds) who best represent the interests of working families. The ones that think we can do better than these free trade agreements that merely amount to corporate welfare. The ones that think we can have health care for every citizen in this country. The ones that believe not only in a higher minimum wage but a living wage. The ones that think the power should be with the people and not the corporations.

There might be a local office (think city council, state rep, even your local parks board) in your area up for grabs this year, or even someone who has declared early intentions for 2008.

So who do you know?

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Meet Grant Herring; Let's Buy Him Lunch!

I apologize in advance for the long post but I could find no more concise way to explain the importance and significance of what Grant is doing.  I hope you will take three-five minutes to read this post

As you may know we have two primary goals here at Next Generation Democrats (NGD); supporting young progressive candidates and more importantly, assisting young staffers trying to get a start in progressive politics.

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Jonathan Miller announces run for Governor

Earlier today, Kentucky State Treasurer Jonathan Miller announced that he will run for Governor.  He has named Jefferson County Attorney Irv Maze as his running mate.

The campaign site is coming soon but it can be found at http://www.millermaze.com

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