Nominations Open for Michigan's Worst 25

The Michigan Caucus is taking nominations for Michigan's Worst 25 List for 2006. So, nominate your favorite candidate, Republican, Democrat, Independent, or whatever, it doesn't matter. The only criteria is that the nominee demonstrates the very worst in Michigan politics.

And 2006 gave us a bumper crop of misfeasance, malfeasance, hypocrites, race-baiting, hyper-spending, exaggeration, lies, jingoism and just plain stupidity.

SO DO IT NOW! All nominees will go up for a vote starting December 10. The winner will receive the coveted Tin Can Trashcan®. See the current Worst 25 List.


Blue wave in Pennsylvania (with cartograms)

This is the first in a series of pretty pictures showing what this year's blue wave looks like. I'm starting with Pennsylvania because I live here (in the 2nd district) and volunteered a fair amount for Patrick Murphy in the 8th District. (Crossposted to Daily Kos.) A cartogram is a map in which the shapes of regions are skewed so that there areas match some statistic. For example, Wikipedia's article on the 2004 election shows the Bush/Kerry vote by county with each county's area in proportion to its population.

These cartograms show Pennsylvania with each congressional district having equal size. This gives a better view of the equal importance of heavily Democratic urban districts and heavily Republican rural districts.

Here's how things stood before the 2006 election.

Click "There's More" to see the difference four seats make.

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Your Win As An Animated Gifs

Just to be upfront -- I'm not liberal, nor am I here to pimp my site (which is linked on the front page anyway).  I just put together an animated gif (w/ district lines handdrawn in Illustrator) of elections maps from 1992-2006 because I'm a big dork, and it struck me as a non-ideological sort of thing that people here would enjoy.  The insets solve the problem referred to in an earlier map of Dem wins in cities being minimized on maps.  Congrats on a hard-fought victory (personally I think its good for each party to get its nose bloodied every now and again, so I'm not as beat up about this as many of my conservative friends).

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Graphic Anatomy of Victory: Ohio (w/maps)

This is the fifth in a series of diaries depicting the Democratic victory in this year's midterm elections. Other diaries in this series can be seen here.

Already covered have been New England, NY, NJ/MD/DE, and Pennsylvania.

Today's diary will focus on the Buckeye state, where we find that there must be something in the water, any water.  We know that the coasts lean blue, but this is also increasingly true of Ohio River Valley.First up are the seat control charts, and yes grey means that the race is still in dispute not that some third party won.



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The Signature 2006 Race: Sherrod Brown over Mike DeWine in Ohio Senate Race

Democrats gained up and down the ballot in 2006, from the Senate to state legislatures.  The races for the US House and Senate were remarkably nationalized, with over half of voters saying they wanted to send a message.  The White House largely succeeded rallying Republican and self-described conservative voters around the threat of taxes and terror.  But for Democrats and independents, concern about Iraq, the economy, and corruption produced winning margins.

The signature race - and the one with the largest lessons for Democrats across the country - came in Senate race in Ohio, the bellweather swing state that gave Bush his re-election in 2004.  It featured two strong candidates who ran very tough, and well funded races.

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