Why We MUST Elect a Democrat President

We've all been told a lie. In our studies of American History and Government, we were lied to. I'm going to throw a lot of numbers around in this diary, and for those who never did good at math, you might need a pencil and paper to figure this out, but I hope it explains something.

We were told that the US Government consists of three equal branches of government, but when you truly look at it, the President is clearly more powerful that either other branch, and that is especially true when the President's party is loyal to him to the very end. Remember this number, the President only needs the support of 33.4% percent of Congress to get his way. Remember these numbers, 46% of members of the House of Representates are Republicans. 49% of the Senate is Republican.

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TX-10 - Dan Grant makes it official: "I'm in it to win it!"

The candidate filing period opened today -- and Dan was there to make it official, saying he hoped to signal his understanding of how eager Central Texas voters are to get started on changing Washington.

"I'm in this race to win this race," Dan said.

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Dan Grant: `SCHIP Fight Not Over Yet'

It's World Series week, and Congressman Mike McCaul is about to get another chance to improve his batting average when a measure providing uninsured Texas kids the kind of health insurance program he enjoys comes up again for debate.

So far, he's batting 0-2.

First, he voted against the bi-partisan SCHIP bill that would have extended coverage to nearly 1.4 million Texas children whose parents work hard and earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but too little to afford private insurance. Then, he remained in lockstep with the Bush-Cheney administration and voted against overriding the President's veto.

Forty-four Republicans joined the Democratic majority in voting to override last week and guarantee access to affordable health care for the children of parents who are working hard and playing by the rules. They ignored the misinformation spread by the White House and did the right thing.

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Dan Grant (TX-10): 'Call McCaul'

The U.S. House Thursday is scheduled to vote on whether to override the President's controversial veto of the bi-partisan State Children's Health Insurance Program.  Rep. Mike McCaul should vote to provide more than 1.4 million uninsured Texas children the health care they need.

Unfortunately, McCaul voted against uninsured kids and for insurance industry special interests the first round.  Will he find the moral courage to do the right thing today?  Will he finally make Texas priorities his priorities?

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Response to "60-seats possible"

I think these seats are really possible:

Wyoming (special election) AND regular
New Mexico
North Carolina
New Hampshire

That is 12. People forgot both seats in WY are up in 2008. Add in these new fights:

Nebraska (if Hagel retires)

If the right people run in these states these are too:

Georgia (Chambliss is at 50 approval)
Kansas (approval 52)

That totals 19 possible races out of 22. Subtract only losing LA, considering Iowa is trending blue  (first control of house and senate in I think about 15 years) and you cannot really attack a guy who is recovering from brain surgery (if he runs).

And remember Republicans usually dump money into the presidential race and are being out raised 2-1 in both houses.  I think this could be an electoral shift on the scale of 1932 or 1980 (since 1958 was an off year) if we get a movement building presidential candidate (Obama or Edwards)

Finally the increase in young voter turnout, and call me crazy I think that a plus-12 in the senate and and 50-60 in the house are possible, given the right conditions--which are shaping up (we are now trusted more on just about everything and evangelicals have taken up enviroment and poverty as moral issues)

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