Daily Kos Trolls Wreck MyDD part II

I don't think Recommended diaries should be open season
for vacuous, negative comments, that have no base, and
are only intended to distract from attention from the diary.

Yesterday, I wrote a diary pointing out how people from
Daily Kos are coming over and deliberately wrecking the
Recommended Diaries by Clinton supporters.

Clinton supporters write here, because they were harassed
off of Daily Kos.

I forgot to mention another Daily Kos sport:  adding their
own tags to the diary.  Tag comments that range from profane like
"Turd Sandwich," to disrespectful.

I don't understand why these people have the privilege of interjecting
comments in tag lines.  All I've seen is abuse.

Here are tags added to my recent Diary:

Tags: boring troll, logic melts the internetstar, Student Guy added this tag because he fully supports the comments taken from that diary in referring to it and he demands that his name be added to them like a cosponsor, please put me out of my misery by deleting my account, internetstar is lame., duck, GOOSE, Duck-duck (all tags)

http://www.mydd.com/story/2008/4/28/0103 5/6431#commenttop

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