South Korean Intelligence Marks Kim Jong Nam’s Death As “State Terror”

Speaking to the NBC News, one legislator having close ties with intelligence said that the intelligence agencies of South Korea have marked out the death of Kim Jong, the North Korean dictator and Un’s half-brother, as a move of state terrorism executed by the North. On Monday, South Korea’s NIS (National Intelligence Service) told the legislators on the National Assembly’s Intelligence Committee that the suspects who are associated with the Kim Jong Nam killing were employees of the foreign and security ministries in North Korea.

According to what Lee Cheol Woo, the chairman of Intelligence Committee and a legislator in South Korea told the NBC News, NIS believe that the people behind the terrorism and murder of Kim Jong Nam were the North Korea’s General Bureau of Espionage, but the Malaysian authorities found out that it was the National Security Agency of North Korea that took the lead. Lee further stated that since it was the North Korean Foreign Ministry as well as the National Security Agency, it’s without a doubt a North Korea’s state-facilitated terrorism.

North Korea has furiously dismissed any ties to the murder of Kim Jong Nam, who passed on Feb 13th, in an airport terminal, after attack from a highly toxic VX nerve agent, while in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The attempts of NBC News to verify these assertions has been fruitless, at the same time reporting independently in North Korea is impractical.

Kim Byung Kee, the secretary to the intelligence committee and a South Korean Lawmaker told NBC News that the killing team was divided into two, one executing the assassination and the other offering support. He went on to say that the intelligence agency of the South informed legislators that the assisting team had four diplomats from North Korean embassy in Malaysia, who helped the suspects to escape.

Kim added that the team was made of officials from North Korea’s security and foreign ministries, and is responsible for enrolling the Indonesian and Vietnamese women who have been taken into custody in relation to the death. Malaysian authorities are chasing after the North Koreans who are believed to have had a hand in the assassination, many of whom they suspect have fled the country.

The South Korean Intelligence had earlier on reported to the legislators that the deceased had apprehended Kim Won Hong, the leader of his National Security Agency, and heartlessly killed five senior security officials using anti-aircraft guns. One legislator on the intelligence committee said that Kim went through with the action after being angered by an undefined false report, while another lawmaker told NBC News that he was enraged that the security chief had misused his power and abused senior officials.

Source: NBCNews