Senator Bernie Sanders Calls Trump a ‘Delusional President’

Sen. Bernie Sanders called Donald Trump, the new commander-in-chief of the US, “delusional” last Thursday outside the Senate Democratic retreat that was being held in West Virginia. According to him, the country is facing enormous problems as of the moment and everybody, even those living outside the US, is aware of this fact. Yet, the country is being led by a delusional president.

Sen. Sanders, together with Senate Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren, marched alongside people that rallied outside the place where the retreat was held. Both urged the crowd to incessantly fight back against the President and the GOP for exerting efforts to repeal the country’s Affordable Care Act.

He stated in an interview that there is a way to beat Republicans and that is through a tremendous grassroots effort. The senator added that they have seen the impact of united grassroots efforts from the Women’s March that has been held a day after President Trump’s inauguration.

The Women’s March drew hundreds of thousands of people to protest against the president and the protest even outnumbered the attendance of the President’s inaugural address. On the same interview, Sanders said that the GOP government has to be challenged around the clock and everyone should fight back instead of just whine and whimper.

“The Republicans have the power in Washington. They have the Senate. They have the House. They have the White House, so it is now up to us,” added Sen. Warren.

Senate Democrats held a retreat in West Virginia as they face a battle to block GOP’s efforts in repealing the Affordable Care Act which will only require support from fifty senators. Senate’s top Democrat, Sen. Charles Schumer, claimed that the Democrats have a possible 50-50 shot in putting a stop to the repeal but only with GOP’s support.