EU Pressed From The Euro Lawmakers To Impose Visa restrictions On US Citizens

On Thursday, the European Parliament urged the EU executives to coerce Americans to have new visa applications before their summer visit to Europe as a result of the mounting pressure on the transatlantic issue. To this end, the European Commission reported they were working towards a diplomatic agreement, making it unlikely they would follow the proposed path by the lawmakers who gave a May deadline on the matter, which could see Europe’s tourism sector brought to its knees. America restricts visa-free access to members from Cyprus and other 4 East European states with the US visa waiver program facilitating the entrance of 23 countries. Union Citizens should all get equal treatment according to the EU.

US-EU ministerial meeting has been set for June 15th by the commission officials so as to get ahead of the issue which is long overdue from 2014. No action has been taken despite the EU executive giving a deadline green light on the issue about a year ago. A commission’s spokeswoman reported that they would work together with the Council and European Parliament and convey any progress on the matter before June ends. The Council she referred to consists of 28 EU governments of the member states. Meanwhile, a commission official stated that talks were being facilitated to allow for full visa-free access but didn’t specify as to when some results would be seen.

Former communist nations Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland and Romania and also Cyprus have been calling out Brussels in regards to the discrimination their citizens face; urging them to end it. Europe will have significant economic impacts if they go through with the visa restrictions on a large number of business travelers and American Tourists who tour the country yearly.

The Schengen zone comprises of most EU countries that facilitate the passport-free traveling of individuals within Europe. Standing in solidarity by a show of hands, the parliament instructed the commission to employ these new restrictions on US citizens within a two-month period. However, the lawmakers don’t have the necessary power needed to implement these demands.

Currently, Romanian and Bulgarian citizens are also subjected to visa requirements by Canada which is set to get removed by December.

Source: Reuters