Conway Benched After A Series Of Controversies

According to the CNN report on Wednesday, counselor Kellyanne Conway has been barred by the White House from television appearance, after making multiple live statements disputing the Trump administration’s official standpoint. Conway, who not long ago was a frequent fixture on television news hasn’t shown up for any live interview since the beginning of last week. On Monday, she contended that Michael Flynn, the then-national security advisor, had no doubt in President Trump. Flynn stepped down from his position later Monday following disclosures of him misleading Vice President Pence concerning how his conversations with the Russian ambassador unfolded.

Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, on Tuesday reported that Trump had asked for Flynn to step down. That was contrary to Conway’s claim on NBC’s “Today” on Monday morning, that Flynn voluntarily had opted to resign. A White House Source told CNN that Conway was “off message.” From that time, the senior Trump’s aide has shown up to radio interviews but has been uncommonly out from the TV news circuit.

The comments about Flynn were not her first time rooting distress for the White House on air, she also has been soiled with altercation in the past weeks. One time, after debating a fictitious terrorist attack in Bowling Green, KY., and also after publicly advocating Ivanka Trump’s clothing line on “Fox & Friends.” A reliable source told CNN that the Trump administration has had a drama-free week following Conway’s absence, albeit, just temporary.

Sara Huckabee Sanders, the Deputy White House press secretary dismissed the claims that the senior aide had been removed from TV, terming the allegations “another wild goose chase.”

Source: The Hill