Fox News Didn't Air a Suicide, Fox News Committed a Murder

You can read the grisly details in The Guardian but let's be clear it was a news helicopter whose feed was broadcast on Fox News with a blow by blow narrated by Shepard Smith that hounded a man, yes a car thief but still a man, to his death. By the time the man stopped the vehicle he had apparently stolen, the police were not in pursuit. Only a bloodthirsty media was in pursuit. What morbid fascination, what depraved sense of what is newsworthy and as if we didn't have serious national issues to debate. An apology (which Fox delivered to its audience, not the victim's family) does not suffice. Criminal charges are in order.

And it is furthermore even more despicable that certain websites at this very hour continue to profit by making such video public for sheer bloodlust.  When one talks of moral decay, this is of which I speak - a capitalism that will profit off the death of an imperfect human being.



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RE: Fox News Didn't Air a Suicide, Fox News Committed a Murder

This man did not kill himself because of a media helicoptor.  He obviously had major problems which led him to do it.  I'm no fan of FOX NEWs, but following chases like this have been a part of these news channels for decades- some provide a real service of alerting those in the area to stay away, they often become dangerous and crashes occur.  The responsiblility lies with the criminal, not the media.  So the police lost him, does that mean he should have gotten away?  Should Fox News have said, "The police lost him, so we should just leave him alone too and stop following him and call it a day...."  If they did that, and this man ended up killing people later, you'd be calling FOX NEWS 'murderers' then too.  Let's don't get too caught up in trying to demonize people.  They had a responsiblity as citizens to keep following him.  This man had a gun, for goodness sake, he was obviously unstable.

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