PCCC: 300,000+ GOTV calls made in Wisconsin

Progressive Change Campaign Committee, via email:

With less than 48 hours until the Wisconsin recall elections, we wanted to send a Special Report about what Progressive Change Campaign Committee members contributed to this historic effort so far:

  • 316,165 calls to voters made by thousands of national volunteers 
  • 116,755 grassroots donations toward our ads and activism
  • 1,721 local volunteer shifts by Wisconsin PCCC members
  • 5 powerful TV ads airing 17,333 times -- praised as some of the best ads in politics
  • Over $2 million spent in the Wisconsin fight by PCCC and our partners at Democracy for America

If we win Tuesday, this victory will belong to you -- and to all working families who are fighting back against the corporate, Republican machine.

One of the strongests ads running now (PCCC, DFA Wisconsin) features a WI Republican voter declaring we need someone on our side, and internal polling looks promising.  But Kevin Drum stresses this one will be a fight to the final vote:

One of the few available indicators of how the turnout will look [this] week was the re-election victory of Democrat Dave Hansen in mid-July, the first general recall election of the summer. Hansen cruised to victory, and the turnout neared 31,000—a figure suggesting an energized electorate in Hansen's Green Bay-area district. So the big question is: Can Democrats replicate that energy in six districts scattered throughout the state? Their hopes of snatching back the majority in the Wisconsin senate depend on it.

PCCC has launched a final call out the vote campaignActBlue page here.  While national politics have been a disappointment, the fight for families, workers, and the middle class in Wisconsin against Scott Walker and his masters is an opportunity to make history.

The outcome will ripple, setting the stage in every state heading into the 2012 campaigns.

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The tide turned on the unions when Hillary lost.

Make no mistake progressives did this with their inept political skills.


Moderate center is the best you can hope for.


If  Al Gore is too conservative for you then you get George Bush.


If Hillary Clinton is not to your liking then you get the Obama/Carter replay.


Progressives can either learn their place in the grand scheme of things or continue to have their agenda dismantled piece by piece.


Its DLC or GOP pick one.

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