The Writings of Anders Behring Breivik

We fight for the free indigenous peoples of Europe, for those not yet born and for the memory and wishes of our forefathers, our martyrs. We fight to preserve our culture, our identity, our country and for Christendom.

All participants in the current Phase 1 civil war will be remembered as the courageous few, the immortal pioneers, true European heroes who had the courage when no one else did, who stood up against, and still stand up against an oppressive Marxist tyrant.

We must rise and claim what is rightfully ours! By September 11th, 2083, the third wave of Jihad will have been repelled and the cultural Marxist/ multiculturalist hegemony in Western Europe will be shattered and lying in ruin, exactly 400 years after we won the battle of Vienna on September 11th, 1683. Europe will once again be governed by patriots.

from Anders Behring Breivik's "2083: A European Declaration of Independence"

Under the pseudonym of Andrew Berwick, Anders Behring Breivik posted online a 1,500-page document written in English hours before his twin attacks in Norway that claimed the lives of nearly hundred people. In this Breivik takes a page from the anarco-primitivist Theodore Kaczynski, the so-called Unabomber, who penned a manifesto entitled Industrial Society and Its Future voicing his displeasure with the state of human affairs back in the mid 1990s. Breivik's opus is titled 2083 - A Declaration of European Independence. It is technically a compendium, half of the document is written by Breivik, the rest is a compliation from various sources.

It is a document that took nine years to research and write. Its last entry is dated Friday July 22nd 12:51 PM about 2 hours before the detonation of the car bomb. Eerily, the last part of the documents details his preparations for the bombing and the massacre, all rather matter of factly and seemingly without any concern for the devastation that he was to cause. It's not clear how long these attacks had been planned but he seems to suggest that he had been thinking about it for about six years. It took him about 80 days to actually build the bomb.

Another portion is autobiographical detailing his life and revealing among other things his phase as a graffiti artist, various assaults suffered at the hand Muslim immigrants, his run for the Oslo City Council as a candidate for the right wing populist Progress party (Norway's second largest party) and that despite his visceral hatred of Islam that he had several Muslim friends including one of Pakistani heritage.

He discloses other details of his life. He is the son of Norwegian public servants who divorced when he was still a boy. His father served in Norway's foreign service. Both of his parents were members of the Labour party. He spent summers in France with his mother and step-father. He was baptised at age 15 in the Norwegian Lutheran Church and attended services regularly. His godmother was a Chilean exile. He chose not to attend university and is largely self-educated. He has started several businesses including a farm which he used to purchase the fertilezer used to create his bomb. He's travelled widely in Europe and has visited the Côte d'Ivoire, Liberia, Turkey and the United States (Las Vegas, which he enjoyed but did not like as he considered it vapid). His political epiphany and radicalization seems to have been a result of the war in the Balkans and in particular the EU isolation of Serbia.

Breivik claims to belong to a group of some one hundred European nationalists that resurrected the Knights Templar/PCCTS (Latin for Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici  English: Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Solomon Temple) of medieval Christendom. He envisions himself as being in the vanguard of pan-European pan-Christian resistance movement that aims to restore what he calls cultural conservatism. If he is to believed, the Knights Templar is divided into single or duo cells across Europe. The Norway attacks are intended as a recruiting event and a wake-up call for Europeans. Noting that "the time for dialogue is over," Breivik writes that the Knight Templar aim to “seize political and military control of Western European countries and implement a cultural conservative political agenda.”

It's hard to slice through the document but he seems to envision a sixty year struggle to throw Islam out of Europe. He literally aims to deport every last Muslim after a civil war. Among the more outlandish aims are the reconquest of Constantinople, the establishment of three Christian states in the Levant (he laments the demise of Maronite Lebanon), a Coptic state in the Sinai and the creation of a greater Armenia, a Greater Greece and a Greater Serbia. Bosnia and Albania would be wiped off the map. All Turks would be deported to a rump Turkey in central Anatolia. Israel would annex the West Bank in toto.

He rails against multiculturalism, cultural Marxism, moral relativism, political elites, political correctness. He is particularly angered by Turkish denials of the Armenian genocides. He admires Japan, South Korea and Taiwan for eschewing multiculturalism and emphasizing their monocultures. He professes admiration for Winston Churchill, Otto von Bismarck and Vladimir Putin. He is not a fan of Lady Gaga, Madonna or Christina Aguilera. He considers the HBO series Sex and the City to be a cultural peversion.  He does not consider himself a racist but a nationalist. He doesn't seem to have Nazi sympathies; he's not a Holocaust denier. On Judaism, he does seem conflicted. Many of the European intellectuals he blames for the demise of European civilization happen to be Jewish but on the other hand he professes admiration for Israel. 

While it seems that he is broadly well-read, many of his sources are typical right wing media. Robert Spencer, who with Pamela Geller led the opposition to the Parc 55 Mosque in Manhattan, is a frequent citation. Surprisingly, I have yet to run across a citation of Pamela Geller. He does cite blogs like Brussels Journal (a conservative website critical of Islam and its effect on European society), JihadWatch and the Gates of Vienna. Many of the additional essays in the compendium are the work of Fjordman, the anonymous Norwegian blogger who writes for various blogs that are critical of Islam. Brevik takes pains to note that while he admires Fjordman, they have never met. 

Among academics, he quotes Gertrude Himmelfarb (the wife of Irving Kristol, the mother of William Kristol and a historian in own her right), Bernard Lewis (the Princeton historian on Ottoman Empire), Samuel Huntington (the Harvard political scientist and author of The Clash of Civilizations) and Daniel Pipes. He attacks Edward Said, the now deceased Columbia professor who wrote the landmark work Orientalism. He also critical of thinkers such as Erich Fromm, Herbert Marcuse and Antonio Gramsci. 

While most of the document relates to Europe and the role of Islam in Europe, there are a number of passages that touch on the United States. He calls for the withdrawal of all American troops from Europe calling the presence of US troops sixty-five years after the end of WWII "unacceptable." He also bemoans American cultural domination of Europe. 

Below the fold, I've pulled some of the parts the struck me. I have chosen not to provide a link to document as frankly it strikes me as a primer for committing acts of terrorism. 

In terms of my general reaction to the document, I'll say this. It is a manifesto that will likely find a receptive audience among a very small of group of anti-Islamic activists in Europe and perhaps even in the United States though it is hard to conceive that Breivik will convince many to join a reconstituted Knights Templar to wage a sixty year war on behalf of Christendom. I've heard Congressman Allen West, among others, speak of the threat from Islam and to be frank Allen West would find the portion on Islam wholly consistent with his views. The New York Times has additional information on this story.

The document can be seen as "how to guide". He details to how to buy controlled substances, how to grow sugar beets, how to publish documents on the Internet, how to use social media to recruit, how to circumvent European custom agents and how to build a bomb using chemical fertilizers. He is meticulous in his detail noting how much he spent and the cover stories he used to prevent European intelligence agencies from discovering him. His frankness is surprising. Depsite a long rant against moral decay and sexual promiscuity, he set side €2000 for a "high class prostitute" a weekend before his planned attack. He justified the expense as one last fling before martyrdom. 

He also offers the European right wing parties advice on branding and spokepersons:

It’s a strategic mistake to use "nationalist" or "national" in a political party name - the case with BNP (British National Party) and (France's) National Front. There is too much stigma attached to the word and many people will subliminously see parallels with Nazi Germany.

Furthermore, it can be a strategically smart to use female spokespersons in debates involving immigration and Islamisation (topics that for many people traditionally has evolved around ”angry, single, white men”).


As a Stanford alumnus, I was taken aback by this section:

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the politically correct assault on the curriculum is that it has occurred at many of our elite universities. Take, for example, the case of Stanford University, an institution that has long played a leadership role in American higher education. Stanford eliminated its long-standing Western civilisation requirement in 1988 and replaced it with a multicultural program known as “Cultures, Ideas, and Values.” Under this new program freshmen at Stanford can just as easily study Marxist revolutionaries in Central America as they can Plato, Shakespeare, or Newton.

Stanford has also led the movement away from serious study of history. Students at Stanford, like students at all but one of the other top 50 universities in the United States, are not required to take a single course in history. Instead, they are offered a choice of courses under the heading of “American Cultures.” According to one recent graduate at Stanford, it is impossible to fulfill the “American Cultures” requirement by studying Protestantism, Irish Americans, or the American West, while courses that do fulfill the requirement include “Film and Literature: US-Mexico Border Representations” and “Contemporary Ethnic Drama.” Stanford students must also take courses in “World Cultures” and “Gender Studies” that include “Chicana Expressive Culture” and “Misogyny and Feminism in the Renaissance.”

Because elite institutions such as Stanford set an example for the rest of American and European higher education, other universities eagerly adopt these devastating assaultson the curriculum. This “trickle-down” effect will have a long-lasting impact on the way future generations of Western Europeans and Americans will be educated.

Much of the document is in a question and answer form. Here are a few of these catechisms.

Q: If you were to coin a word for the ideology or movement you represent, what would it be?

A: Cultural conservatism or a nationalist/conservative direction known as the Vienna school of thought. As for the political movement; I would describe it as a National Resistance Movement, an Indigenous Rights Movement or perhaps a Conservative Revolutionary Movement.

Justiciar Knights are not an ideologically homogenous group. Many Justiciar Knight Commanders would probably reject some of my personal views as I would with theirs. Some are deeply Christian while some are Christian agnostics or even atheists. Some are individualists while others not so much so, some puritans. The primary factors that unites us is that we are all nationalists, anti-Marxist, anti-Islam(isation), we support indigenous rights and we are revolutionary, willing to martyr ourselves.


According to the document, the Knight Templars were formed in April 2002 at a meeting in London. It says the meeting was attended by nine representatives of eight European countries. Breivik represented Norway.

Q: Why haven’t we heard anything about PCCTS, Knights Templar before, considering the fact that the organization was formed in 2002?

A: That’s a good question. I am surprised why EU countries haven’t labeled our organization yet. Perhaps it is politically motivated psychological warfare, who knows? First of all, I only met 4 out of the 9 original founding members due to security precautions and I only know the identity of 5 of them (4 of them know my identity). There might be tens, even hundreds of Justiciar Knights now spread all across Western Europe as far as I know. I haven’t heard anything from the media about PCCTS, Knights Templar operations before either which indicates the following; either some of the original cells have not activated yet, which is not very likely considering the fact that the military order was formed more than 8 years ago. Or a couple of the cells may have perished or have been arrested in the planning phase before they even activated. Or perhaps they did activate and went through with their operation but did not manage to penetrate media censorship. A successful operation might have been labeled as an “accident” or otherwise censored by the media/regime. Perhaps a couple of them simply didn’t want to proceed alone or in a party with 1-2 other individuals but needed or wanted the support from a larger traditional hierarchy and joined another organisation instead. A few might have gotten cold feet and went about their usual business and abandoned our struggle and campaign altogether. It is really hard to tell. I do know however that there have been more than a hundred successful operations from armed nationalist movements in Europe the last decade. But the main problem is that a great majority of these operations are not “spectacular” enough to break media censorship. There are too many threats made and not enough action to make a substantial difference at this point. But the resistance movements in Europe are continuously growing and evolving. It is understandable that many organisations will require more time in order to reach a point where they are actually making an ideological difference. I feel it is the responsibility of the PCCTS, Knights Templar to contribute to speed up this process by acting as good role models for all European patriots. It is just a matter of time before one cell succeeds with a spectacular operation. I estimate that there are thousands of cells around Western Europe in the planning phase of an operation while we speak. I don’t worry about it as it is still relatively early in phase 1 and we have up to 70 years to win this war, before we are demographically overwhelmed and the systems collapse either way. Another scenario might be that due to the nature of our extremely decentralised platform, the original constitution of the concept might have (for a couple of the co- founders) morphed into different manifestations/interpretations of resistance movements with slightly different political manifests.

I wonder sometimes if one of the EDL founders was one of the co-founders of PCCTS, I guess I’ll never know for sure. EDL is a non-violent protest organisation though but I noticed they have copied a lot from the PCCTS. Then again, it is most likely just a coincidence. I do think a lot about what happened to some of the co-founders. It’s pointless to speculate I guess but I check the news regularly to see if anything has slipped through the media blackout relating to actions launched by individual resistance fighters or the European Resistance Organisations. I may or may not have had contact with at least 2 of these co-founders since the founding. Obviously, I can’t reveal any sensitive information so the above characteristic might be what I want you to believe and not the actual truth:-).


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He's a sick dude, playing to a sick audience ..

I was just looking into right-wing terrorism and violence as compared to left-wing, and I found that one definition of left-wing terrorism is to 'advocate a liberal position'  (

Right-wing terrorism, on the other hand, is a 'label wrongly attached to the tea party' and is "completely erroneous." 

Sick and twisted.


by Christine 2011-07-25 11:28AM | 0 recs
He's a sick dude, playing to a sick audience ..

I was just looking into right-wing terrorism and violence as compared to left-wing, and I found that one definition of left-wing terrorism is to 'advocate a liberal position'  (

Right-wing terrorism, on the other hand, is a 'label wrongly attached to the tea party' and is "completely erroneous." 

Sick and twisted.


by Christine 2011-07-25 11:28AM | 0 recs

Sorry about the double post

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