The Two Jon Huntsmans

Paul Blumenthal writes up the buzz around Jon Huntsman Jr.'s "pre-announcement" announcement ads and fundraisers.  The strategy is positioning himself as "cut from a different cloth," unorthodox, and moderate.

Today the Utah State Democratic Party, who found common ground with Huntsman as Governor on climate change -- a position Huntsman has recently reversed -- and civil unions, responded with an announcement of their own: Jon Huntsman "In 1 Day."

Huntsman's launching point might get him somewhere in a general election as a moderate, but I don't see how "unorthodox" and "cut from a different cloth" plays well to the ears of the average GOP primary voter.

And as the state Democrats point out, in the end there's nothing really new here.  Just another chameleon ready to do and say anything to win.

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Just another chameleon

"Just another chameleon ready to do and say anything to win."  In other words, just like Obama.

by fradiavolo 2011-06-20 01:42PM | 1 recs
RE: Just another chameleon

Obama may have played progressives many times for political advantage but equating him with Huntsman or Romney is a ridiculous stretch. 

Also, a great continuation of the digs at Jon Huntsman from Utah Democrats, posted on Facebook by 19 yr Utah Dem veteran, Exec. Director Todd Taylor: The Jon Huntsman I Know.

He screwed neighborhood schools out of $1 billion per year in the lowest funded state in the nation; he pushed a voucher system to take more funds away; the level of education attainment turned in the wrong direction for the foreseeable future; and still, the UEA liked it and endorsed him for it. He insisted he would serve his entire second term during the campaign, then immediately jumped ship for a shinier bauble. He took an ambassadorial job, and left before anything meaningful could be accomplished to pursue is personal ambition (the recurring story of his professional life). He changed the tax structure here to hurt low and middle-income families while rewarding his wealthy friends leaving the state with a structural deficit and leaving the tax reform work started by his predecessor unfinished. While most people found his noblesse oblige charming, it could be very condescending and cold. He was perhaps the most elitist Governor in Utah's history, but played to the crowd literally with his axe, cycle and taco fetish. An untold story how GOED really paid for its activities and what those activities were?

by Jason Williams 2011-06-21 07:44PM | 0 recs


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