Kloppenburg Takes a Narrow 234 Vote Lead in Wisconsin

With 3,629 precincts out of 3,630 reporting on the Associated Press' spreadsheet, Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg has 739,589 votes to incumbent Judge David Prosser's 739,355 for a slight lead of 234 votes. The sole remaining precinct is in Jefferson county where Prosser won 58 percent of the vote. It's not clear how many votes remain outstanding but the likelihood that Prosser would be able to overcome the margin is unlikely though certainly within the realm of possibility.

No matter the outcome, it is clear that a recount will be triggered. Gear up for a protracted legal battle.

UPDATE: WTMJ Channel 4 is reporting a final unofficial tally that gives JoAnne Kloppenburg a 219 vote lead.

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