"Revamping" Medicare


How They Won

Yes the economy sucked and there was almost inevitably going to be some Dem backlash. But, otherwise, they won with ads like this.


And now? Rep. Paul Ryan and his budget strategy to "cut $4 trillion," according to the headlines, only aims to "revamp" Medicare to slash the deficit and save us all.  The proposal would require a voucher program, and the eventual rationing and privatization of Medicare, as well as trim $1 trillion from Medicaid over the next decade, effectively gutting the program, and defunding a large chunk of the Affordable Care Act.

Elderly and disabled Medicare recipients make up about 1/5 of the Medicare rolls, but their care costs amount to 75% of Medicare expenses.  Paul's proposal does nothing to address this, in fact doesn't even mention it, and would put in place a convenient roadmap for driving them off of the program into... what exactly?

I'm sure they'll get to that.

2010 voters, you were duped.

UPDATE: Josh Marshall, Bring on the Bamboolzement.

[...] by any reasonable standard, that's getting rid of Medicare. Abolishing Medicare. Phasing it out. Whatever you want to call it. Medicare is this single payer program that guarantees seniors health care, as noted above. Ryan's plan pushes seniors into the private markets and give them a voucher. That's called getting rid of the program. There's simply no ifs or caveats about. That's not cuts or slowing of the growth. That's abolishing the whole program. Saying anything else is a lie.

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