Feingold to Give Opening Keynote at Netroots Nation

Day old news, but still worth a mention.  Russ Feingold will deliver the opening keynote at Netroots Nation 2011 in Minnesota.  Feingold's announcement brings it full circle, outlining the fight progressives have taken up:

If you've been following what's going on in Wisconsin, then you're seeing what I'm seeing: the ever-increasing, corruptive power of corporations that continue to invade our system of government.

And that's why I just launched Progressives United, a new organization that will bring together progressives like you to fight back against that corporate influence.

Many of you have already been hard at work standing up for the American people and fighting back against the hundreds of millions of dollars from corporate special interests. But our real fight is ahead, as special interests will try to buy their way to victory in 2012.

Feingold's direct involvement in protests and push-back against Walker's "budget" in Wisconsin position him well.  Reaction to events in Wisconsin have helped to define a clear narrative for this year's conference on the vigourous (and organized) GOP attack on unions, mass progressive push-back, and linking it all back to increased coporate influence through Citizens United.

Defining a progressive strategy and narrative will be key to constructing an ongoing mass movement out of mass outrage.  Feingold can help lead that charge.



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