NRA For States Rights, Except When They're Not

One thing you can say about our friends at the National Rifle Association is that they're intellectually consistent. Ok, so they're not.

Here's the latest crazy-making example:

If the Washington gun lobby and their allies in Congress get their way, your state will no longer be able to make its own decisions about who can legally carry a hidden, loaded gun.

Domestic abusers, drug addicts, stalkers, people with violent arrest records and even people with absolutely no training who have never held a gun before could be granted a concealed gun permit in another state, and your state would have to honor it -- no matter what.

Join Mayors Against Illegal Guns in telling Congress: When it comes to carrying guns in our communities it’s OUR LIVES, so our states should decide OUR LAWS – not Washington politicians.

The U.S. House is planning to hold a hearing to discuss the proposed concealed carry law on September 13th -- and before that happens, they need to hear from you on this crucial issue.

File this under WTF? In the full entry there's a bonus video of NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre being a frothing at the mouth wack job.

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