Fix Media Asymmetry: Get The Progressive Info You Need On Your Mobile Phone

It's no secret that we've been waging a long uphill battle against corporate/right-wing control of media. Some outlets like cable news and talk radio may be hopelessly out of whack, but we've long had the edge online. 

Here's a cool new way to expand that progressive info advantage into the mobile realm:

Welcome to Progressive Voices, your progressive media universe designed specifically to perform optimally on your favorite supported smart phone. Catered to your quest for truth and ready to leverage the growing mobile platform.

This first project of the Progressive Voices Institute (a 501(c)(3), nonprofit), the Progressive Voices (PV) App, is the primary portal for all things (text, audio, video, etc.) progressive on the Mobile Internet.

The App puts all progressive media content in your hands, all the time, so you have the content you need on tap whenever you want it. Whether you are on the golf course or sick in bed, the PV App will be there to give you the news, views and information you need – all without having to go through all the trouble of trolling Twitter, Facebook and the MSM just to eek out just enough progressive content to meet your daily fix.

So download it on your smart phone, and support Progressive Voices while also supporting progressive voices.




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