Running Against Obama

For all the talk of the Democrats running against George W. Bush, it's clear that GOP is running against Barack Obama or in the case of Brian Nieves, a State Representative in Missouri now running for the State Senate, against Barack Hussein Obama.

Here are three GOP ads from around the country beginning with the Nieves ad in Missouri. Keep in mind that he is running for a seat in the State Legislature when you watch his commercial. Nieves, it should be noted, was one of the sponsors of Proposition C, the recently and overwhelmingly passed state initiative that seeks to exempt residents of the Show Me State from having to comply with PPACA, the US healthcare reform package signed by President Obama earlier this year. Nieves, who served in the Navy and is a Zone Pastor in the Church of the Living Bread in his hometown of Washington, MO just west of St. Louis in Franklin County (the meth capital of the Mid-West), is a 'Tea Party Patriot' who goes around telling people that 30 years from now others will ask "where were YOU during the patriot uprising?" All very amusing, if he weren't off his Show Me rocker. 

Meanwhile in the Mountaineer State, John Raese released this ad, his first of the campaign, in his bid to become the next Senator from West Virginia. The conservative Republican makes no direct mention of Governor Joe Manchin, the Democratic candidate, and concludes the ad by proclaiming, "I won't be a senator that's a rubber stamp to Barack Obama, I'll only serve you." Raese, a businessman, ran unsuccessfully against Jay Rockefeller in 1984 and against Robert Byrd more recently in 2006.  The Hill has some more background. 

Down in Arizona, John McCain though facing a primary challenge from the right still seems to think that he is facing off against Obama. On the plus side, at least Senator McCain shows enough respect to refer to the President as President Obama something neither Nieves nor Raese could bring themselves to do.

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