"how stupid do they think we are"

A tabloid in Sweden reports that wikileaks Julian Assange ("the charges are without basis") is accused of rape and molestation and CNN & BBC run with it worldwide.

This comes on the heels of the propaganda out earlier this week that the war/occupation of Iraq ended. That is, simply by changing the name of the 56,000 US soldiers in Iraq from "combat ready" to being ready for combat, and meanwhile, doubling the number of private military contractors in Iraq.

[UPDATE]  Smear, then step away: BBC- Swedish rape warrant for Wikileaks' Assange cancelled.

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but the damage is done. As I was following the Aussie returns, I also watched this story grow. The only sites reporting it were conservative citing a Swedish tabloid that is the Swedish version of the British Daily Mail. It was reported as fact. 

So from now on no matter what happens in reality to conservatives, Julian Assange is now forever a rapist. 

Another demonstration of how the right wing echo chambers works through innuendo and smear.

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