An Unusual Ad in Brazil


The ad is definitely not suitable for work unless you're a GOP staffer then it's totally cool.

Jeferson Camillo, 44, is a candidate from São Paulo for Federal Deputy (Congressman) in Brazil's upcoming elections. He's a member of the Partido Progressista (PP) and he's running "uma campanha differente" in this his first run for elective office. His ads on his YouTube channel have caused a stir in Brazil becoming an Internet sensation receiving over a half million views. The 1102, by the way, refers to his candidate number.

The ad encourages the young to vote for the first time but takes a rather unusual approach to making that pitch. The copy at the start of the spot reads as "the young understand that their role at decisive moments is one of conscience and satisfaction." If you notice, his campaign logo is also rather Obamaesque.

His campaign slogan, "Aprenda dizar sim," translates as "learn to say yes."

The above is actually tame compared to say this one set in a lover's motel or this one with a "Crying Game" surprise ending. His ads are Internet-only. 

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Gotta love it.

Am doing 13 statewide, Gov and Senate races, in Brazil right now. Much funner than working for Democrats this cycle.

by Jerome Armstrong 2010-08-19 08:18AM | 0 recs


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