Deal Leads Handel in Tight Contest in Georgia

I'll have a complete wrap up later but as of now Linda McMahon has won the GOP Senate nod in Connecticut, while Dannel Malloy, the former mayor of Stamford, defeated Ned Lamont for the Democratic Governor's nomination. Michael Bennet outlasted Andrew Romanoff in the Colorado Democratic Senate primary while the other races in Colorado remain to close to call. The Tea Party back candidates Ken Buck and Dan Maes are however both leading their respective races with above 75 percent of the precincts reporting. In Minnesota, the DFL primary for Governor remains too close to call with Margaret Anderson Kelliher edging Mark Dayton with 76 percent of the vote in.

In Georgia, the GOP gubernatorial run-off Congressman Nathan Deal has a small lead in a razor close contest over Karen Handel, the former Secretary of State. With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, Deal received 292,007 votes to Handel's 289,576 though no winner has yet been called. Absentee ballots remain to be counted and given the less than one percent margin, an automatic recount will be triggered.

Handel had been endorsed by Sarah Palin while Deal drew endorsements from Mick Huckabee and Newt Gingrich. The winner faces Democrat Roy Barnes in the Fall.


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I voted today, and I threw my support to Deal

Today was a really amazing day - it was a relatively obscure run-off, and yet there was heavy traffic at my local poll - the Handel vs. Deal battle is a very big deal (sic).


I've heard people say - that they ultimately decided to vote for Deal because they didn't want Sarah Palin to gain power from it. A conservative friend of mine related that Sarah didn't even know Karen Handel - she just flew in and endorsed her, so she could grab the limelight and campaign for Karen.


Another point my friend made before she, also - threw the lever for Deal was the fact that Karen, when she was asked why she never completed a college education said in the debates - "I just hope I can be an inspiration for everyone out there to complete college"


Sarah Palin is a huge figure right now, in the dying republican party.  She represents the toxic, media-soaked support that lobbyists used to use as their kingmaker - big dramatic rallies, with catchy little made-for-tv phrases.

But in the end, Georgia is doing what California has done: she's going on line, reading carefully what the candidate is saying and doing - and she's deciding on issues.  Conservatism is a popular political belief in Georgia -and its form is important to the republican voters there. They really do care about smaller, and more effecient government. And at one point, before the Bush Republicans - there was a conservative philosophy within the party.


To the last man, everyone I know threw their support for Deal. And as a bona fide independent, I can tell you - that there's really alot to be said for having someone in Government whose representation isn't for some media star that flies into your state to catch the white hot bright lights - but someone who can listen to what you say. And the fact that Georgia is harmed so much by malformed republican party political theory should be of great interest to the democrats - these are people who are rejecting the Sarah Palin style of government. Remember, Handel was ahead by 13 points - Deal closed the gap and is now overtaking her on the basis of issues and differences in governance and not mudslinging or media events.


We're thinking over here this will turn over to Deal. And more time to him. He will have a tough row to hoe battling Roy in the fall.

But again, speaking as an independent - a candidate like Deal does alot to lift the debate up to real differences in position. We had that in Obama vs. McCain - and look at what it did for Obama.

This is the 21st century, and these are 21st century voters - the Georgia Primary broke 76% in favor of Obama here.  If Roy wants to win, he needs to stand as a true alternative to bush republicanism - and like the smart phone - I think the way to go is to become the party of smart government.


I'm calling it for Deal. His support was extremely strong in my precinct today.



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RE: I voted today, and I threw my support to Deal

I hear you. Apart from perhaps the Bennet/Romanoff contest in Colorado, the Deal/Handel run-off was the race that I cared about most. I was clearly rooting for Deal. Can't stand Handel. Not that I care for Deal but Handel should know better. Her comments on gay marriage were reprehensible. But ultimately political considerations mattered. I want to Sarah Palin impaled politically-speaking. I want to see her humiliated so anything that hurts Palin politically is fine by me right now. Mind you, I'd love to see her run just so she can implode.

I also caught this:

"This is the best possible outcome for Democrats," said Nathan Daschle, who heads the Democratic Governors Association. "Even after a vicious run-off, Georgia Republicans couldn’t decide between two bad options: a corrupt Congressman or a Capitol insider."

I'll run against a corruption politician any day. Go Roy!

by Charles Lemos 2010-08-11 01:36AM | 0 recs


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