Connecticut, Minnesota and Colorado Results

Connecticut Primary Results
Dannel P. Malloy, the former mayor of Stamford, the state’s fourth-largest city, won the Democratic nomination for governor, defeating Ned Lamont, a multimillionaire businessman who gained national prominence four years ago for defeating Senator Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary only to lose in the general election. While Lamont ran in 2006 on an anti-war progressive platform, he tacked to the center in this campaign. With 90 percent of the votes counted, Mr. Malloy had 58 percent and Mr. Lamont 42 percent. Mr. Malloy now faces Thomas Foley, who served as an ambassador to Ireland during the Bush years. Foley defeated Lt. Gov. Michael C. Fedele for the Republican nomination.

In the race to replace the retiring Christopher Dodd, one of the lions of the Senate, the GOP primary winner was Linda McMahon, the former chief executive of World Wrestling Entertainment, who spent $22 million of her own money to win the primary with 49 percent of the vote. Rob Simmons, a former Congressman who had dropped out of the race only to re-enter it last month, had 28 percent, and Peter Schiff, a financier, had 23 percent. McMahon now faces Richard Blumenthal, the state’s popular five-term attorney general whose luster has been tarnished when he was caught lying about serving in Vietnam. McMahon plans on spending $30 million in the general election.

Voter turnout was 20 percent. More on the races in Connecticut from the Hartford Courant.

Minnesota Primary Results
The main event in the land of ten thousand lakes was the Democratic-Farm Labor gubernatorial primary. The Associate Press has called the race for former US Senator Mark Dayton, an heir to the Dayton Department store fortune. After midnight, with 97 percent of the vote counted, the former US Senator led the Minnesota Speaker of the House Margaret Anderson Kelliher by about 4,500 votes -- enough that no recount would be needed. Matt Entenza, an Oxford-trained lawyer who served six years in the Minnesota House of Representatives, finished a distant third.

Should Mark Dayton indeed be confirmed as the winner, he will go on to face Republican nominee Tom Emmer and the Independence Party's Tom Horner. The GOP has controlled the Governor's Mansion in St. Paul for 24 years. More on the Governor's race from the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

There were also competitive primaries for House seats. In the Minnesota Second Congressional District, Shelley Madore defeated Dan Powers and will now face the Republican incumbent John Kline. In the Minnesota Fourth, Fifth and Eight Congressional Districts, incumbent Congresswoman Betty McCollum, Congressman Keith Ellison and Congressman James Oberstar coasted to victory over their primary challengers. In the Minnesota Sixth Congressional District, Tarryl Clark won 69 percent of the vote to defeat Maureen Kennedy Reed and will now face Rep. Michelle Bachmann.

Colorado Primary Results
The big news on the Democratic side in Colorado was Senator Michael Bennet's eight point win over Andrew Romanoff, a former speaker of the Colorado House. The race had become rather bitter and personal with Romanoff closing the gap by painting, unfairly in my view, Michael Bennet as some sort of corporate looter. Bennet's definitely more centrist than I would like but he stood for a public option.

Senator Bennet now faces Tea Party-backed candidate Ken Buck, a county prosecutor, who defeated Jane Norton, a former lieutenant governor. Buck had won the endorsement of Jim DeMint while Norton was backed by John McCain. Definitely an easier for Bennet against Buck than it would have been against Norton. Buck won with 51.6 percent of the vote to Norton's 48.3 percent.

In the much amusing implosion that was the Colorado GOP gubernatorial primary, it appears that the Tea Party-backed candidate Dan Maes who recently won national scorn for his conspiratorial views on a Denver bike sharing program has narrowly defeated Scott McInnis, whose candidacy imploded over allegations of plagiarism. With 94 percent of precincts reporting, Maes, an Evergreen businessman, leads by some 5,000 votes. Maes has 50.6 percent of the vote to McInnis 49.3 percent.

More from the Denver Post.

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Regarding Michael Bennet...

And this is the only time I'll mention it, but there is a difference between STANDING for the Public Option and SAYING you stand for the Public Option and Michael Bennet did not stand like he said he would.  He wrote a letter and some other people signed it, but in the end, when the chips were down and he had the ability as a Senator to introduce it as its own stand alone amendment so that it could get the up-or-down vote that he and 30 or 40 other Democrats said they supported he failed to live up to his words.

Just please note this.  I will be an active supporter of Michael Bennet now that he is the Democratic nominee, but I just couldn't let the comment about him "standing" for the Public Option uh... stand.

by jlars 2010-08-11 06:03AM | 1 recs
meanwhile, down in georgia

CNN just reported on their website that Newt Gingrich called Dean the leading candidate.


Who would have imagined Howard Dean got so far, so fast? I saved the screenshot. LOL. Check it out before they fix it.


by Trey Rentz 2010-08-11 08:41AM | 0 recs
something else to consider

this may not be so cut and dried - yeah, Buck is nucking futz, but Norton got more votes than Bennet did... I'm not saying, I'm just saying - it's something to consider here.

Can unityfest solidify the Dems and get them out in Nov to pull off the win in the 3-way?  What if Tancredo wakes up and drops (or would his ego keep him dreaming...)

Our chances are better.  I just wish there was more tangible 'mopping', 'ditch-leaving', 'D to go forward instead of R'... a bit more contact sport to show how Weiner vs Scarborough should be played instead of rhetoric across the cable net that puts into play the (yeah - been working toward the Boehner {Angle}) birdie without jury.


Been a long time (6 months) since I've been here.  Pie fight sanctuary?


by rockdart 2010-08-12 01:40AM | 0 recs


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