Governor Good Hair is also Governor Lazy

Bill White, the Democrat with a decent chance to become Governor of Texas, has been hitting incumbent Rick Perry hard the last few days for not working very much. A recent campaign press release said stat records show "Part-Time Perry" look 15 long weekends last year. That's followed up by this video, talking to normal Texans about records showing Perry works just 7 hours a week:

What scares me about this is that if Perry was able to cause this much damage to the state in just 7 hours a week, how bad would things have been had he worked a full 40? I guess he needs the extra 33 to maintain that perfect hair helmet, though, so that's fair.

You can donate to White, who was tied with Perry 43-43 in the latest poll, at the Going On Offense ActBlue page.

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So may I ask: who was the one with the good hair?

A Texas governor with good hair is about the best you can get. Do they actually work at all? If you can get seven hours (and who would believe that), you have gone beyond expectations. As everyone knows, the Texas legislature run the state, the governor being just a figurehead, as we learned during the Bush administration.

An effective Texas governor, simply put, know how to kiss ass. Ask George Bush about such matters.

by MainStreet 2010-07-06 08:17PM | 0 recs
RE: So may I ask: who was the one with the good hair?

That was true until Perry. He's grabbed power at the state level the way Bush grabbed at the national level, illegally with a state legislature controlled by his own party looking the other way (at least until the HPV vaccination orders, which was too much even for them). He rammed through the Trans-Texas Corridor project everyone (including the state GOP platform) opposed, and controls board appointments like a tyrant. His longevity is part of his power - every single position on state boards and commissions has come up during his tenure. All bureaucrats and commissioners owe him their jobs and loyalty, and do what he wants.

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I just hope my stay in Perryland... a brief one.  I've already registered to vote in Texas.   Around here, there isn't much focus on the governor's race (yet), but hopefully that will change.  One of the challenges (esp. for Democrats) are the many different media markets in the state.   It takes a lot of money to get on the air here. 

Having said that, Bill White has to run well in the DFW area.  I still don't think he's well known here.   If he can withstand the attacks, stay on message and campaign hard, he has a chance in a tough year for Democrats nationally.  He needs to campaign more in the Metroplex.

One thing that I'm hoping if Bill White gets elected, is a slowing of the growth of toll roads in the state.  It's really a regressive form of taxation, which impacts poorer drivers the most.   Instead of more toll roads, let's bring back the Texas TGV, which is more viable now with the greater population density in the state.

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