The Christian Right & Tea Party Movement Intersecting


If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. -- 2 Chronicles 7:14

Suddenly 2 Chronicles 7:14 is all the rage among the Christian right wing. I first caught this watching Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council promoting his Fall2Call campaign which is calling on Americans to fall on their knees in "humility and repentant prayer" with the expectation that God will then forgive our collective sins and heal our land. Some 470,000 people signed up to collectively have this mass prayer which was held yesterday on the Fourth of July. Here's their agenda:

A Nation on Verge of Moral Collapse -- All careful observers can see "the handwriting on the wall." The course charted by President Obama and a liberal Congress follows decades of declining moral and social standards and conduct. Clearly, we are witnessing what could prove to be irreversible, irreparable harm to our nation. The sanctity of life, of marriage and of our cherished religious liberties are under attack as never before.

The Fear of God -- The reasons for our federal government's failure to solve our problems are many. But we needn't look far to find the root. Our Forefathers founded our nation upon the moral pillars of the Ten Commandments -- they had a "fear of God." They considered biblical morality as essential to the survival of our Republic. In the Declaration, they asserted that our rights as human beings come from our Creator -- not the government. This has been the sure foundation of all of our liberties to this day. Frequent public days of prayer and fasting demonstrated the Founders' sense of dependence upon God. Now, the White House snubs the National Day of Prayer and a Federal Judge has ruled the Day unconstitutional. Yet we have hope in God! Foreseeing the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple, Jesus assured His disciples, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, buy my words shall not pass away" (Mt 24:35).

Economic Tyranny -- Approaching July 4th, 2010, our nation faces potential economic collapse. This week the leaders of the world's most powerful national economies listened to and rejected our President's plan to cure global financial woes with massive new borrowing, taxes and deficit spending -- the very plan he and the liberal Congress have implemented here in the U.S. Earlier this year, the President and liberals in Congress engineered a government takeover of the American health care industry, 17 percent of the American economy. Seventy percent of Americans opposed the plan. Now, large parts of the American auto, insurance and investment banking industries are also under government control.

Immoral Social Agenda -- June was declared by our President to be "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Equality Month." At a White House party for homosexual activists, the President recounted his pro-homosexual record and promised a host of new benefits, rights and special protections for the LGBT community. But this privileged new class, whose members are identified by their bizarre sexual practices, presents many threats to society: threats to public health, public morals, the wellbeing of children, threats to religious liberty and, indeed, to themselves. Our Creator condemns their practices as "abominable" and morally reprehensible (see Lev 18:30). Historically, many American states have had laws against homosexual behavior, yet now it is celebrated in the White House. Scripture warns that those who practice and those who approve these things are objects of God's wrath (Rom 1:32). Scripture warns that these practices will cause the very land to "vomit out its inhabitants" (Lev 18:25). Thus, public approval is a threat to us all. The President's commitment to implement the LGBT agenda (e.g., the so-called "Hate Crimes" law, the proposals to repeal both the military's policy of prohibiting homosexuals from serving and the "Defense of Marriage Act," the pro-homosexual "Employment Non-Discrimination Act," and other measures) has far-reaching implications for America. God reminds us in the New Testament that "by turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes he condemned them to extinction, making them an example of what is going to happen to the ungodly" (2 Pet 2:6); and "In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire " (Jude 7).

Corporate Sin and Guilt -- Ours is a government "of the people." We share the guilt of our collective national sins. But we have also sinned in our private lives. Popular culture is riddled with flagrant disregard for God, and we participate in them too often and too widely. Our personal sins impact not only ourselves, but the welfare of our families, churches, communities and nation. Those with authority in any sphere bear an extra weight of responsibility for our country's welfare and condition. Whether we are pastors, churches, parents, educators, businessmen, entertainers, or the media, our influence makes an impact, either by our righteous involvement, overt sin or passive neglect. America's recent treatment of Israel, widespread abortion, the subjection of our children to immoral "sex education," pornography, promiscuity (40 percent of births now occur outside marriage), divorce, same-sex "marriage," violent entertainment, and more, all add to our guilt (see catalogue of sins).

The Unique Role of God's People -- God holds His people, those who claim Jesus as Savior and Lord, uniquely responsible for our nation's condition. We are sent to be salt and light (Mt 5:13). He calls us to holiness (Heb 12:14); to proclaim the message of repentance and faith (Mt 4:17; 28:18-20), and gives us power through prayer. He expects us to humble ourselves, to pray for our nation, to seek His face and to turn from our own wicked ways (2 Chr 7:14). That is why Tony and FRC have launched the Call2Fall.

As Kyle Mantyla of Right Wing Watch notes it is "really remarkable how the Family Research Council is slowly transitioning from a political group with a religious agenda to a religious group with a political agenda." Of course, the FRC is as delusional as ever. Who knew that my "bizarre sexual practices" will lead to the nation's extinction? And I am even more surprised to learn that I am part of a "privileged new class." 

And then watching this video from Krista Branch, a Texas based Christian Evangelical singer, that is becoming the Tea Party anthem, I noticed the citation to 2 Chronicles 7:14 at 2:04 mark when a rather defiant little girl holds up a placard. What strikes me about the song are the religious references and the use of images from the Tea Party protests. The lyrics, as vacuous as they come, are below.


Pay no attention to the people in the street crying out for accountability.
Make a joke about what we believe.
And say you don't matter cause you disagree.
Pretend you're kings, sit on your throne, look down your nose at the peasants below.
I've got some news, we're taking names, we're waiting out for the Judgment Day
I Am America one voice united we stand.
I Am America one hope to heal our land.
There is work to be done.
I will not rest until we've won
I Am America.
You preach tolerance but lecture me. Is there no end to your hypocrisy?
Your god is power, have you got no shame?
Your only interested in political gain.
You hide your eyes and refuse to listen. You play your games and abuse the system.
You stuff your pockets while Rome is burning.
I’ve got a feeling that the tide is turning.
I Am America one voice united we stand.
I Am America one hope to heal our land.
I will not give up on this fight
I will not fade into the night
I Am America.

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Economic Tyranny? More like Economic cleanup

Evangelical liberals do not mix with actual conservatives. The Christian right and the theo conservatives really scored their mark with the Bush administration, and ended up with the largest spending government in the history of the United States. The Bush administration left a massive swamp of economic problems.

And of course, the author of the post included the usual line about how gays are a big problem. Even though Florida Republican congressmen chase little page boys around in their underwear instead of working for the federal government.  They've never gotten very far. I ignored that paragraph. I imagine if I were gay, it would bother me but this is about government, not sex.

The paragraph of this essay that really doesn't add up (no big surprise there, huh?)  is 'economic tyranny' . It shouldn't surprise us that they are wrong . In 2007, they were responsible for creating the mess that, in 2008 - caused the single largest economic catastrophe on the planet. 


But let's do the facts. First, Obama's plan was neither rejected by the summit of world leaders, nor endorsed - and a major part of Obama's economic plan has already worked -and continues to work. In this article by the Guardian, a British newspaper - it shows how his plan is self funded. In several states, including my own - taxes have decreased. This is important, because this is the fact. Being a real American - it's easy to see why our founding fathers - especially Thomas Jefferson - fought to separate church from state - -the  church is dependent on donations and the state needs fiscal responsibility to run correctly. I will include a link to the factual article instead of quote bible verse.


But the rest of this paragraph - especially where the author tries to make the ludicrous claim that America hates the concept of a National Health service - is where we really need to focus. Why?

First, because the legislation that passed, is different materially than the legislation that we needed. It is different in many ways - but more importantly - it bears the mark of lobbyism and the influences of the GOP- branded special interests that fought to stop it, and weaken it. 

So here is where we need the most clarity - because the same people who authored the passage above, publicly stated that the Healthcare Reform would fail (they were wrong about that, just as they were wrong about economic realities - it passed). But more importantly - it points to where the real spark  - the fundamental energy would be for those who seek election in the fall. If National Healthcare Reform was flawed... where is the public on the issue for its initial passage, and how do we win the issue?

The public were squarely in favor of a National Health Service.  According to the Times, National polling revealed that


85 percent of respondents said the health care system needed to be fundamentally changed or completely rebuilt


Further, the poll asked...  Who would be better, at doing the job? Democrats, or Republicans... again leading to the striking prominence of this issue and its conspicuous absence from public dialogue here in July of 2010..

When asked which party was more likely to improve health care, only 18 percent of respondents said the Republicans, compared with 57 percent who picked the Democrats. Even one of four Republicans said the Democrats would do better.


But finally - the most important fact: 72 percent of all Americans supported a National Health Service.  The devil, as they say, is in the details... take a look at the breakdown in the poll's interior numbers of that deep, and broad support...


The national telephone survey, which was conducted from June 12 to 16, found that 72 percent of those questioned supported a government-administered insurance plan..

(A National Health Service plan) received broad bipartisan backing, with half of those who call themselves Republicans saying they would support a public plan, along with nearly three-fourths of independents and almost nine in 10 Democrats


This is exactly the kind of data that flies in the face of evangelical liberalism, and the agenda that is being pushed by the group above.

The truth shall make you free. In actual bible scripture (and not weird passages quoted out of the night, as above)  the 70 disciples were sent into the land to carry the word of the lord - and they were taught to be gracious, and kind - but when they found people that were opposed to their cause they were told to "not even let the dust of their town rest upon their sandals" and they were told to move on.

So forgive me if I close this post with a link to the actual poll that the 'economic tyranny' author forgot to post. The one that says the American people are in favor of a National Health Service.

The fact that the Democrats didn't deliver a National Health Service... and that healthcare reform is still mired by the efforts of people like the 'economic tyrant'... is an exercise left to the reader. The voters are still there.




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Old news

To give right-wing credit where it's due, the late D. James Kennedy used to flog 2 Chronicles 7:14 incessantly on his "Truths that Transform" program from Coral Ridge Ministries. There's nothing new under the sun. "If My People" is the title for an old Kennedy pamphlet, CD, and DVD. It dates back at least to the Clinton administration as far as James Kennedy is concerned. Wingnuttery has a long history, although it used to be less mainstream.

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RE: Old news

Yeah, it took school prayer and a new devotion to the abortion issue to make most of those folks actually care about government. Before the religious right era of evangelicalism, they thought it best to hide in their southern hovels and ignore politics. It was Schlafly, Schaeffer, and Falwell who figured out how to take it mainstream. Fortunately I think the movement is broadening its focus. The old guard will remain who it is and that probably explains the TP merger, but the younger generation cares as much about climate change and African poverty as they do abortion, and they're actually pro-gay rights.

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RE: The Christian Right & Tea Party Movement Intersecting

If the corporatists ever do get their way and we have an Americka with no safety net and no public education that teaches critical thinking skills. It will be because a lot of people seeking Heaven on earth collaborated in bring such about.

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RE: The Christian Right & Tea Party Movement Intersecting

And yet the Southern Baptists are now joining the movement for comprehensive immiration reform and the Christian Coalition is mad at Lindsey Graham for abandoning climate control efforts.

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It's a Menage

The Progressive Independents on top of the Tea Party under the Christian Republicansists going conjugal upon the Paulist Libertarians stimulating the prostate of the Progressive Independents.

I thought all this was old news.

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