What's the Matter with Kansas?

If you live in the New York Metro area, the documentary based on the award-winning book by historian Thomas Frank, What's the Matter with Kansas? opens its commercial New York theatrical run on Friday, July 30th at the Producers’ Club IndieHouse Cinema in Mid-Town Manhattan.

Here are two extended clips from the documentary. This first clip covers how the Summer of Mercy protests in 1991 at the Wichita office of the now murdered Dr. George Tiller, one of two medical specialists in the nation who provided late-term abortions, were a pivotal moment in Kansas' turn to the right.

This second clip interviews Kansas Farmers Union President Donn Teske who reflects on the troubles of family farming and how neither major party appeals to him right now.

Finally, if you want to organize a screening of the documentary in your neck of the woods, here is how.

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