Tancredo Officially A Candidate in Colorado on a Third Party Ticket

Former Colorado Congressman Tommy Tancredo who has made a career running as a xenophobic nativist has officially entered the Colorado governor's race as the candidate of American Constitution Party. Twice a distant also ran for the GOP presidential nomination, Tancredo had issued an ultimatum last week to the two GOP contenders for GOP nomination, Dan Maes and Scott McInnis, that he would enter the race if they didn't announce that they would drop out after the August 10 primary if they won but still trailed Democrat John Hickenlooper in the polls. Both Maes and McInnis have been plagued by scandals.

More from KWGN-Denver.

The American Constitution Party was formed in 1991 and was originally called the Colorado Taxpayers Party, but changed its named to the American Constitution Party in 1995. The party is "pro-life, pro-states' rights, pro-Second Amendment" and for limited government, according to its website. It opposes illegal immigration and open borders. The party also believes that the American "republic is a nation governed by a constitution rooted in Biblical law."

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