The Christian Right Meets Punk

Jason "Molotov" Mitchell, a former wedding videographer now 30, is the founder and president of the independent motion picture company Illuminati Pictures that is based in North Carolina. Founded in 2003, his production company has made over a hundred commercial projects, documentaries, music videos, and short films. He's also an evangelical Christian who has had the word "zealot" tattooed in Old English on his forearm and oh he advocates the death penalty for gays. The zealot is a reference to the Christian Zealot Movement that advocates an in your face, no holds barred radical if warped form of Christianity.

Anyone holding to the original tenets of Christianity has been labeled extremists, radicals, zealots.

And so it began, the birth of the Zealot Movement, an underground cause dedicated to the power and love of the Gospel, protected against misuse by the core tenets of the Four Pillars. No one can claim to be a zealot and a drug user at the same time, nor would he want to, considering the intensity of our opposition to that lifestyle. The same goes for the lukewarm believer and his fornication. The line has been drawn for the committed and noncommittal alike. There is forgiveness, but God’s grace is not a place to wipe your feet.

Our weapon of choice is music. Music, a force dating before the birth of man, is a sword with which we battle the powers of this world, and great for the breaking of chains and curses. We wage war in the underground through music and we will shatter the walls of this world’s empire, dead to ourselves and alive in Christ.

…We are children of the Sword, the face of Truth on a dying planet. We are the worldwide tribe and at the feet of our King the nations will bow. We are the pure and royal priesthood. All that we put our hands to must prosper. We are servants to man, relentless in our toil, driven by love of the Greatest Servant. We are the Brotherhood of Christ. Our family does not break like those of the fallen world. We are the enemies of injustice and defenders of those without defense. Our eyes are the coals of righteousness and our hearts burn with hatred for all that is evil. We are the warriors. We are the fearless. We are the Zealots.

Together with his wife Patricia who performs as DJ Dolce, they make videos for World Net Daily, the Internet site founded by Joseph and Elizabeth Farah, that is home to the most vile and offensive right wing hate found on the web today. If there is a conspiracy theory to expound, odds are that it first found wings on World Net Daily (WND).

Molotov Mitchell first gained notoriety in 2008 for producing 13-minute attack video called A Video Portrait of Barack Hussein Obama that pretty was a foretaste of all the right wing slurs that have been leveled at the President - that Obama is a Muslim who hates Christians, that he is foreign born, that he is a socialist, that he is a racist that hates white people. 

Prior to his assault on then candidate Obama, Mitchell produced and hosted a Christian, political, comedy talk show called "Flamethrower" which began airing nationally in October 2007 on a Christian television network called Faith TV. He came to the attention of WND over a episode that Faith TV refused to air called "All Things Islam" that show a likeness of the face of the Prophet Mohammed on a cookie. 

A regular weekly feature on WND is a "comedy" review of the week's news called "News, News" anchored by Molotov's wife DJ Dolce that so unfunny that it has to be backed by a laugh track. In an recent episode, DJ Dolce notes that it is unacceptable to use the n-word but perfectly fine to call Barney Frank a "faggot."

Over at Box Turtle Bulletin, Timothy Kincaid notes the obvious: World Net Daily is a hate site.

World Net Daily makes no bones about being virulently anti-gay. However, most anti-gays make at least a shallow attempt not to say, “we don’t hate” and try to keep their language – in public – from including the worst slurs.

But it looks like WND has given up all pretenses.

WND has a recurring “comedy” feature called News! News! with D.J. Dolce, WorldNetDaily Exclusive Commentary. Dolce, the wife of Molotov Mitchell, shares her husband’s contempt for gay people. But while he masks his animus in religion (he endorses the death penalty for gay people using Scripture), Dolce just engages in slurs and endorses bigotry.

…It’s been a while since I’ve seen hatred expressed to blatantly in public.

Frankly, it was pretty obvious after this beauty:

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