Clinton Chooses Sides In Georgia Gubernatorial Primary, Endorses State Attorney General

With most polls showing former Gov. Roy Barnes running away with the Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nomination, Attorney General Thurbert Baker broke out the big guns Monday morning with an email to supporters from former President Bill Clinton.

"Thurbert is a rare and special man with a life story that could only happen in America," the Clinton email reads. "Born with next to nothing, Thurbert Baker never forgot where he came from and spent his whole life quietly but firmly opening the doors of opportunity for millions of Georgians, opportunities he never had."

"If you give him the chance and elect Thurbert Baker your Governor, he will open those doors for millions more. You can count on that because he's already done it. I am so proud to endorse Thurbert Baker for Governor of Georgia," the message concludes.

Clinton's endorsement could be seen as a reward for loyalty to Baker who backed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her 2008 presidential bid.

While other prominent Georgia politicians such as Congressmen John Lewis and David Scott switched their support to then-presidential candidate Barack Obama, Baker stood with Hillary throughout the Democratic primaries.

Georgia's Democratic gubernatorial primary is July 20th. The most recent polling in the race shows former Gov. Roy Barnes with 56%, more than enough to avoid an August runoff [King, Michael (2010-7-9). New Exclusive Poll: Oxendine Still Leads, Handel Challenging. WXIA-TV (Atlanta). Retrived on 2010-7-12.]. However, President Clinton's endorsement brings with it the possibility of radio and tv spots that could enable Thurbert Baker to garner enough support to keep Barnes under the magic number of fifty plus one.

President Clinton was the last Democrat to carry Georgia in a presidential election.

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That may be..

But  the democratic party brand in the south, is still largely tarnished. There was a window there, where the Dems could have re-identified themselves as the party of smart government - but they somehow caved into lobbyists and didn't make it.


The reason Roy Barnes is running strong is because he tends to run toward the middle - and he's got alot of appeal to Georgia voters - he was by and large a good governor who ended up having to deal with the Flag Issue and came down on the side of the debate that got alot of neo conservatives angry at him.


It's a different electoral landscape. IMHO Roy will take it in a walk. Endorsements are for people who need them.


by Trey Rentz 2010-07-12 04:20PM | 0 recs

This article also is a little slanted toward Baker. John Lewis, was a strong early supporter of Hillary Clinton, and hit Obama hard in the press in the beginning. It wasn't until that it was painfully evident that she wasn't going to make it,  did he switch support to Obama. Public support in his own most Black district was swelling against him and he had a re-election to contend with as well.

At any rate, Bill Clinton still is staying activein the political realm, and I'm sure that this was a way for him to  guage his effectiveness in Georgia.

by xodus1914 2010-07-13 02:12PM | 0 recs


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