Oil Spill Tracker

If you haven't seen this before, it's a pretty cool widget from the PBS NewsHour. It also comes in a version with the six live video feeds:

The good news is that BP, not that they can be trusted to tell us this kind of information but whatever, is now hoping to have the spill contained as early as the day after tomorrow (Monday) and relieved within two weeks. They've been ahead of schedule thanks to sheer luck so far, but are now intentionally speeding things up and multi-tasking - perhaps dangerously so - to take advantage of a short window of good weather.

In other BP-related news, Repub Senate candidate Rand Paul continues to be an uninformed apologist for BP.

Paul said Thursday that BP should pay for the Gulf cleanup, but that [the] Obama administration's sharp rhetoric could help imperil the company.

"I don't want them to go out of business when they can't pay for the mess, and that's what that kind of rhetoric could do," he said. "I want BP to be in business so it can afford to pay for the mess."

BP said this week it has spent $3.12 billion so far in response to the spill, including attempting to contain oil, paying claims and reimbursing the U.S. and local governments. By comparison, BP posted $17 billion in profit from its vast operations around the globe last year....

[Democrat Jack Conway, that state's attorney general, said,] "Accountability is not going on national TV and saying that it's un-American to go after British Petroleum. Accountability is not having a world view where you think the government basically should never touch business whatsoever."

Help Conway out at ActBlue.

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New Cap Soon?

To put 88 million gallons in perspective (as per the ticker, above), it would cover a US football field 180 feet deep.

It appears a new cap is coming soon, one that will fit better and collect most to all of the oil. The relief wells are also hopefully ahead of schedule. After so much bad news, good news looks like it might be on the way.

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the more the merrier

i made a counter of my own a little while ago -- see "thanks bp". it just counts the gallons spilled and the days lapsed. it doesn't even try to guess the amount "captured". best of all, unlike the pbs widget, which commands a lot of blog real estate, mine is resizable.

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