Alan Grayson: June 28th Peace Party

Alan Grayson is having a fundraiser today, over at

Lots of great videos they emailed out over the weekend.

On JUNE 28, 1919, the United States put an end to a world war, after less than two years of fighting. In 1945, the United States ended another world war, after less than four years of fighting. But in 2010, we are embroiled in two wars, after almost nine years of fighting.

When will it end? When Blackwater and Halliburton say so? When we’re all broke?

It’s time that someone spoke out for peace. We need jobs, better health, and a clean environment, not endless war. Join our June 28 Peace Party, and contribute. WE WANT PEACE!


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Hell yeah!!!

I think the timeline comparison is a poor argument - it's an apples-and-oranges comparison between defeating conventional armies and nation-building.  The latter is harder than the former, even under the best of circumstances.

Which these aren't: we don't share a common culture, language, or religion with the Iraqis or Afghans.

But that should be a pretty obvious tipoff that nation-building in these nations is something we're quite poorly equipped to do.  So maybe it's time to admit that, and get the hell out of Dodge, er, Afghanistan.

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