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There is the simple realization

There is the simple realization (one that doesn't need a diary) .. that Obama pulled BP and the Republicans that were trying to screw the American people into paying for BP's big oil disastar...


To the table. And made them walk away picking up a 20 billion dollar tab for the disaster. Plus a 100 million dollar fund for the workers in the area.


To my view, that's not too shabby dealing... the guy deserves some credit.  There's something uniquely American about taking responsibility and having a spine. It was pretty weak dealing to have had BP and the Republicans try to convince everyone that the American people had to clean up their mess.

It says alot about the power of free markets, and the President's role as a diplomat and executive to have cut through the red tape with these guys and accomplish a solution.


Now if only they can get the relief well in place and shut that mother down....



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