Primary Day: IN, OH, NC

The Fix has a precap. I am rooting for Jennifer Brunner to pull an upset over Lee Fisher, against the odds, in Ohio for the Senate nomination. Although, I think Fisher will be a good candidate too. Thats been part of Brunner's dilemma-- that and not having enough funding. Regardless, compared to the throw-down happening in the Senate primary in Arkansas, the Ohio contest is a timid mediation dispute.

Indiana has a lot of Republican primary action. Both in the open Senate seat, and in primary challengers to incumbents:

Thomas -- like many Republican primary challengers -- has also scored points in hitting Souder for his vote in favor of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) in late 2008.

Its amazing to me that there is more support now in the Democratic Party ranks than there is in the Republican Party ranks, for the justification of those bailouts (even though it benefited Republican constituencies). Its ironic how "the recovery" has benefited only the upper class. The unemployment and lack of money among millions and millions of Americans has been barely effected. If it were not for unemployment benefits being extended, we would be seeing riots in major cities about now.

The notion that we needed to spend $1 Trillion plus and the $100's of billions of TARP bailout funds, nearly all going to Wall St insiders, is ethically and politically bankrupt. I am not on board with anyone that is going down that road of support, and I'm glad to see opposition to that no matter where it happens.

A competitive Senate primary in NC that I have just had no time to follow. Secretary of State Elaine Marshall is favored. She's run before for the US Senate and lost, and has won re-election to the SoS multiple times. I expect her to run with a pretty good chance; if she runs a populist campaign against Burr, she could win in NC.

Also, there are a number of Republicans vying to face Democratic incumbents. I won't go through the whole list. Fix covers a few of them for todays' primaries. Conservative Jim Geraghty views their being about 90 vulnerable Democrats. Know what? I don't think Alan Grayson is going to be one of them. He's showing the path for future Democrats.

The mood is sour. People know there's been a shakedown and that they got bilked. And now, the DC insiders are rumbling, both sides, post-election, about cutting back on public services. In the past 7 years, a trillion has been shuffled to the bailout and profited the banks alone and a trillion has been sunk to needless years of military occupation of Middle East lands; yet, not enough money for public services-- now the deficit matters. Its absurd and revolting.

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TARP Support

We were always aware that Bush's policies would come at an enormous cost.  The Republicans never acknowedged that, and still don't.

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My predictions

I'm in Indiana and there isn't anything interesting happening in Democratic races.

For Senate, I'm predicting Dan Coats by a small margin though we should be rooting for John Hostettler to win.

Mark Souder is going to lose in the upset of the night.

Dan Burton is going back for another term as a result of the split anti-Dan field.

Down in Baron Hill's district, we'll see if a guy from the Indy suburbs wins the nomination over former Republican Congressman Mike Sodrel.  My bet is on Sodrel.

That's pretty much it here.  Beautiful weather and lots of Dems like me not going to the polls.

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