IN-03: Souder (R) resigning over affair

Eight-term incumbent Mark Souder of Indiana's third district is resigning today because he had an affair with a staffer, Politico reported. Naturally, Souder is a married man who promotes "family values" such as abstinence education.

Two weeks ago, Souder defeated three Republican primary challengers. It's not clear who will replace him on the general election ballot. I wouldn't give Democrats hope of winning this R+14 district, though Swing State Project user nonpartisan argued here that the Democratic nominee, Dr. Tom Hayhurst, has a slim chance. However, Souder's downfall will certainly feed the media narrative about Republicans as a party for family-values hypocrites, like George "rent boy" Rekers.

UPDATE: Unintentional comedy alert: the staffer Souder had an affair with co-starred in a video he recorded to promote abstinence.

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