Earth Day Open Thread

Today is the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day. What are you doing to celebrate?

I spent last Saturday helping man the Repower America booth at Earth Day Omaha, an amazing celebration in Elmwood Park with dozens of great booths, amazing live music (folk, rock, and Tuvan throat singers!), and literally thousands of people roaming around. On Tuesday, I phone-banked for Repower's Clean Energy Revolution campaign to encourage Omahans to call Senator Ben Nelson and ask him to support clean energy and climate legislation. Today, the day itself, I'm making my own call to Senator Nelson's office, taking my glass bottles to the recycles, going for a hike in Iowa's Hitchcock Nature Center, and throwing a cloth bag in the car for a stop at the grocery store on the way home.

None of us are perfect. I'm going to said nature preserve alone in a van that gets 22mpg, I'm taking that cloth bag to a chain grocery store rather than a farmer's market, and I had brauts for launch. But we can all take a few steps, and finding a short trail near home and calling your Senator are two such steps. The Sierra Club is also asking folks to take a pledge to take one of five other simple actions: biking/walking instead of driving, taking a reusable bag to the store, plant a tree, make an organic meal, or write a letter about a green issue. (Make the pledge and you're entered into a drawing to win a trip to Hawaii.)

Al Gore's Repower America has set up a Senate hotline where you can call, enter in your zip code, and be connected to one of your Senators: 1-877-55-REPOWER (or 1-877-557-3769). Which Senator are you calling, and what else are you doing for Earth Day?

Full disclosure: I am the Nebraska faith outreach coordinator for Repower America. From Repower's perspective it's a volunteer position, although I am paid to work there by an Episcopal Service Corps program. Neither the Alliance for Climate Protection nor the ESC encouraged, previewed, or approved this post.

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