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It's time to bring on another frontpage blogger here on MyDD. We've a storied history here, and have seen many writers move onto campaigns over the years; so were gonna replenish the ranks ahead of the midterms.

If you are interested, or want to nominate somone from here, let me know via the contact page.

I'm off to Arizona for the Pollie awards, and then onto the SF Bay area for a couple of days.

UPDATE: Andre Walker is going to start frontpaging. He's been here since 2005, and knows the digs well. Welcome aboard Andre.

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I emailed you, but I would also like to suggest here



I have always enjoyed his writings...

by Ravi Verma 2010-03-24 01:26AM | 0 recs
RE: I emailed you, but I would also like to suggest here

Louis owes me a drink from losing a bet with me over the MA Senate race. Until he pays his debts, I cannot promote him :)

by Jerome Armstrong 2010-03-25 10:32AM | 0 recs
Thanks for the confidence...

...I hope I live up to the standard MyDD has established over the years.

by Andre Walker 2010-03-24 11:39AM | 1 recs
RE: Thanks for the confidence...

Glad to have you, Andre!

by Nathan Empsall 2010-03-24 11:46AM | 0 recs
Congrats to Andre

I know you will do well.  Keep on moving...and never look back!

by Pat Pullar 2010-03-24 11:54AM | 0 recs


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