Health insurance reform whip count thread

Sunday's House vote on health insurance reform still looks like a nail-biter, though some would argue that the question isn't whether Speaker Nancy Pelosi will find 216 votes, but which Democrats in tough districts will be allowed to vote no.

Various whip counts are floating around the internet. Take your pick from David Dayen's version at FireDogLake, the Chris Bowers tally at Open Left, or the latest from The Hill staff.

Here's some recent news: Peter DeFazio (OR-04) is now threatening to vote no because yesterday leaders stripped out language on correcting geographical disparities in Medicare spending. Stupak bloc member Marcy Kaptur (OH-09) is now leaning toward "yes." John Boccieri (OH-16), who voted against health care reform in November, is switching to "yes." Dina Titus (NV-03) also confirmed today that she will vote yes.

This thread is for any comments related to Sunday's vote. I will update later if more Democrats on the fence announce their positions.

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Once you set aside the known Aye and Nay votes

And look at the votes currently in play, it looks really close. If you want this reform to pass - and it is by and large a good reform package - as long as the amendments that chase after it are passed (including Alan Grayson's bill) -

IMHO now would be a great time to call your congressman.


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RE: Once you set aside the known Aye and Nay votes

Close is an understatement. With Arcuri's and Lynch's defections I put Pelosi at most 214 yea votes. Assuming no more defections that is. The only hope is to pull 2 votes off the Stupak block - probaly Ellsworth and one other.

I'm very mad at Arcuri, Lynch and Altmire.

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Keep Calling Congress

Whether or not you live in their districts, call the following Congresspeople (who are either undecided or are progressives who are considering opposing the legislation) and ask them to vote in favor of health care reform so that we can finally begin fixing our broken health care system.

Zack Space – Ohio (Zanesville, Dover, Chillicothe) – (202) 225-6265

Marcy Kaptur – Ohio (Toledo) – (202) 225-4146

Bill Foster – Illinois (Batavia, Dixon, Geneseo) – (202) 225-2976

Kathy Dahlkemper – Pennsylvania (Erie) – (202) 225-5406

Chris Carney – Pennsylvania (Clarks Summit, Shamokin, Williamsport) – (202) 225-3731

Melissa Bean – Illinois (Schaumburg) – (202) 225-3711

Steve Driehaus – Ohio (Cincinnati) – (202) 225-2216

Jim Matheson – Utah (South Salt Lake, St. George, Price) – (202) 225-3011

Stephen Lynch – Massachusetts (Brockton, Boston) – 202-225-8273

Peter DeFazio – Oregon (Eugene, Roseburg, Coos Bay) – 202.225.6416

Michael Arcuri – New York (Utica, Auburn, Cortland) – (202)225-3665

Rick Boucher – Virginia (Abingdon, Pulaski, Big Stone Gap) – 202-225-3861

Henry Cuellar – Texas (San Antonia, Laredo, Rio Grande City) – 202-225-1640

John Tanner – Tennessee (Union City, Jackson, Millington) – 202-225-4714

Glenn Nye – Virginia (Virginia Beach, Accomac) – (202) 225-4215

Brian Baird – Washington (Vancouver, Olympia) – (202) 225-3536

Dan Lipinski – Illinois (LaGrange, Oak Lawn, Chicago’s southwest side) – (202) 225 – 5701

Joe Donnelly – Indiana (South Bend, LaPorte, Michigan City, Kokomo) – (202) 225-3915

Marion Barry – Arkansas (Jonesboro, Cabot, Mountain Home) – (202) 225-4076

Harry Teague – New Mexico (Hobbs, Las Cruces, Socorro, Los Lunas, Roswell) – (202) 225-2365

Jerry Costello – Illinois (Carbondale, Belleville, E. St. Louis, Granite City, Chester) – (202) 225-5661

John Barrow – Georgia (Savannah, Augusta, Vidalia, Milledgeville, Sandersville) – (202) 225-2823

Nick Rahall – West Virginia (Beckley, Bluefield, Huntington, Logan) – (202) 225-3452

Solomon Ortiz – Texas (Corpus Christi, Brownsville) – (202) 225-7742

by Winning Progressive 2010-03-20 12:48AM | 0 recs


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