Wait, CT-Sen Only "Leans" Democratic?

The Cook Political Report calls the Connecticut Senate race "leans Democratic" these days, a rating that reflects a belief that the race is currently competitive, though one party has an edge. I haven't seen too many competitive races, however, where one party leads by a margin well in excess of 30 points.

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal tops Merrick Alpert 81 - 6 percent in a Democratic Senate primary and stomps his Republican opponents:
  • 61 - 28 percent over McMahon, compared to 64 - 23 percent January 14;
  • 62 - 26 percent over Simmons, compared to 62 - 27 percent;
  • 64 - 21 percent over Schiff, compared to 66 - 19 percent.
Blumenthal gets a 79 - 13 percent approval rating, continuing a 10-month string of approval ratings of 78 points or higher, and a 70 - 18 percent favorability rating.

The Pollster.com trend estimate gives the Democrat Blumenthal a lead in excess of 34 percentage points -- and growing. Yet this race is competitive, and only "leans" towards the Democrats. Okay...

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