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Yeah, I tried to sit through Palin's speech... I couldn't make it... Ah, but even Palin can't dampen today. This is the one holiday that truly brings all Americans today. There's the faux War on Christmas, there's legitimate concerns about the history of Thanksgiving, but today is a day for all: Super Bowl Sunday!

As some of you may remember, I got my start blogging in 2006 as "Transplanted Texan" from New Orleans, where I spent three months and a few shorter side trips working with the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana's then-named Office of Disaster Response. It is in that spirit that I say... GEAUX SAINTS!!!

Video of U2 and Green Day at the Superdome's re-opening in 2006. The happiness found even in the Lower Ninth Ward the next morning is without a doubt my favorite memory of my time in NOLA:

Ah, if only I could find me some Abita here in Nebraska on a Sunday. So, two open thread questions: Why are YOU rooting for the Saints? Or, if you're not watching, what are you doing instead? Football, Palin, Louisiana politics (new NOLA Mayor, Vitter's re-election)... what else is on your mind?

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It would be enough ...

that the Colts were stolen from Baltimore in the dead of night by an unscrupulous "owner" and are therefore (or should be) accursed. However, it also happens that I love New Orleans ... but not enough to put money on the Saints' chances, because the curse on the Colts doesn't seem to be very virulent.  I mean, the Cubs have been stuck in Gehennah for half a century just because the management wouldn't let a goat in Wrigley Field, for crying out loud. But I digress ... Anyway, laissez les Saints rouler!

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