Virginia GOP, Clueless about Climate

How clueless can one be? Well if you're the Virginia Republican Party, the answer is very. The Virginia Republican Party has released the above video suggesting that since there's a massive snow storm on the way, there's no global warming.

As Peter Sinclair notes that's quite the "jewel" of deductive reasoning.

Is the difference between weather and climate not understood? How can anyone be so scientifically illiterate?

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This also proves Darwin wrong...

...because it is obvious that if his Theory of Evolution were correct, these backward looking shallow-gene-pool fools would be the first to go extinct.  But they won't, and we will have to listen to them until we all kill ourselves and they will be the dominant "species".


See, anyone can do the mental judo they do to prove their point.  Who needs science?

by Hammer1001 2010-02-05 03:18PM | 0 recs
I would say this is the most common opinion

It is extremely difficult for people to differentiate between weather and climate - this includes many scientists as well.  A few years ago I lived in a notably cold state that went through a few years of very warm winters and hot summers.  My work took me to many different parts of the state and everyone seemed to be of the opinion that Global Warming had permanently altered the way weather would be experienced there.  This included scientists, blue-collar workers in rural areas, a state Senator, and my general circle of friends.  Well, that was then.  The past two winters in that particular state have been as bad or worse than usual.  I'd bet that if I went back and talked to these same people, the majority of them would be skeptical - or at least less certain - about the impacts of global warming.

Think about it.  The IPCC is saying that global average temperatures will rise by about 2-4 degrees Celsius over the next century.  Do you think you'd be able to tell if one winter averaged temperatures 2-4 degrees Celsius warmer than one you had 5-10 years ago?  This isn't exactly the stuff of legends.

What's important to remember is that there are parts of our planet that integrate heat gain or loss over many years - Oceans, ice caps, glaciers, and probably most importantly the hydrologic cycle.  But beyond being able to say with some certainty that oceans levels will rise, glaciers will retreat, and ice caps will melt, we're basically at a loss to explain clearly how this will affect mankind.  There are lots of theories about what will happen.  They range from greater malaria outbreaks in sub-Saharan Africa to massive freshwater ecosystem loss in the Arctic to severe droughts in the Western U.S. to intensified hurricanes.  I would say that all of these theories are based on solid logic, but haven't been proven in a convincing way yet.

This is way I'm skeptical that anything can be done to stop Global Warming.  We would have to enact rather draconian controls on human behavior and to have these inducements last for probably a century or longer.  In the meantime, weather patterns will continue to fluctuate and political parties across the globe will be elbowing their way toward the path of least resistance.  Instead, I think we need to clearly define what we're willing to live with in terms of Global Warming and try to change those things that we're not willing to live with.  Which coastal cities will get sea walls?  Will we send additional mosquito bednets to sub-Saharan Africa?  Are we willing to take water out of the Great Lakes and send it to LA?

Get ready, folks.  It's coming.  We ain't stoppin' it.

by the mollusk 2010-02-05 03:25PM | 2 recs
RE: I would say this is the most common opinion

I have never thought this was about "stopping" GW, but about becoming aware, mediating what we could, and finally preparing.  Since there is no real way to prove any of it until it happens,  it is better to try to prepare for the worst imaginable so that if things end up not-so-bad, there can be a relaxation, rather than drowning with our heads in the sand.


Regardless, we are a very polluting species, beyond even what we can handle.  Gaining some form of harmony, including within our expectations, would be a good outcome of the GW discussion.  Going from fossile fuels to something enviromentally friendly is a good start, but ALL "solutions" come with a price.  This may actually be our crossroads as a species...are we willing to evolve to the environment, giving up some expectations for the betterment of the species/planet, or are we going to destroy ourselves attempting, in vain, to keep the past - after which the earth will keep going with what is left.  Sometimes we forget that while we CANNOT live without "the Earth", 'the Earth" can "live on" without us.


My personal prediction is that we will be stupid right up to the brink , and then get religion.  I am sure, SURE,  millions will die, but how many...?  (What a sucky thought.)  The numbers will depend on if it is a gradual change, or if it will be a abrupt change.   Will we fight to keep the cities we built up on the edge of the oceans or will we conceed and go back inland?  We can build a good, but smaller, future or spend a LOT of resources attempting to maintain our legacy. We will have to deal with issues of population control (oh fun fun fun) and access to resources for all humans.

Our planet has given us the environment to evolve into what we have...but it looks like things are going to change...and with our help, maybe a bit sooner than later.  Change is a given and is neither good nor bad, but how we deal with it, or do NOT deal with it, can be good or bad.

This is the question of questions we all will have to face - those of us who will live/lead in the next 30-50 years anyhow.

by Hammer1001 2010-02-05 04:32PM | 0 recs
RE: I would say this is the most common opinion

The point is we are simply making life harder for ourselves. Say a new dirty coal plant is built in a neighborhood despite all the warnings. 10 years later half the kids on the block have asthama and most of the elderly have respiratory problems. Everyone is now paying an extra $5000 a year in medical costs. And why? So they could save $500 off their yearly electricity bill. So not only have we just about broken even economically we've also reduced our quality of life.

by vecky 2010-02-06 02:34AM | 0 recs
Elephant Repellent

I have a proven, sure-fire elephant repellent. Of course it works -- do you see any elephants around me?

I don't know if the resistance to climate change among Repubs is because of ignorance, they don't like one of the major messengers (Al Gore), or what.

I have said it before. The only person who can save Mother Earth is Mother Earth itself. She needs to kill-off enough of us before we kill her.

by Bob Miller 2010-02-05 06:28PM | 0 recs
RE: Elephant Repellent

The resistance is becasue it hurts "business as usual". Witness the arguements - no action when the economy is booming - becasue it may cause a recession. No action when the economy is in recession - becasue it may hinder the recover. No action when gas is 99c a gallon - because it may casue prices to go higher. No action when gas is $3.99 a gallon - because prices are already high.

Meanwhile reality is ignored. I remember the economic doomsayers saying the Us would loose 3 million jobs and gas prices would jump to $3 a gallon if the US signed onto Koyoto. Meanwhile the US didn't sign Koyoto and entered the greatest depression since WW2. The deniers understanding of the economy is just as non-existant as their understanding of the science.

by vecky 2010-02-06 02:27AM | 0 recs


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