GOP Poll Shows Kitzhaber Up Big in OR-Gov

The Oregonian's Jeff Mapes has the details:

The latest survey is from Portland pollster Bob Moore, who often works for Republicans. He matched up former Gov. John Kitzhaber - who Moore judges to be the strongest of the Democratcs - against two Republican contenders, ex-Trail Blazer Chris Dudley and businessman Allen Alley.

In each case, Kitzhaber leads either of the Republicans, 45 percent to 33 percent.

The Oregon Governor's race isn't a slam dunk for the Democrats -- but they have clear advantages seven months ahead of ballots being sent out to voters. Oregon, you might remember, is a state in which only one Republican has won statewide in the past decade and a half and where the GOP hasn't won a gubernatorial election since 1986. What's more, the leading Democratic candidate for Governor -- a popular former Governor in his own regard -- leads all Republican comers by double-digit margins even in GOP polling.

This race is still a ways away -- but at this point, the Democrats are looking good.

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Chris Dudley?

The guy from Yale who can't hit a free throw?!?

by Steve M 2010-02-25 01:56PM | 0 recs
RE: Chris Dudley?


by Jonathan Singer 2010-02-25 04:46PM | 0 recs

What's surprising is that he's not over 50%!?!?! Kitzhaber was a terrific Governor; in my top 5. It says a lot-- the restraint of people of identifying with a popular democrat in a state like OR. The Independents have really withdrawn from D support. This shows me as much an opportunity as it does a danger for 2010 (though I agree Kitzhaber should be safe).

by Jerome Armstrong 2010-02-25 04:41PM | 0 recs


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