More Thoughts on Progressive Populism

Last night I wrote about how the election in Oregon, where the state's notoriously anti-tax voters broke with 80 years of history by raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy, suggested that there is a wave of populism sweeping the nation. The populist sentiment, I wrote, isn't always expressed in the same way. In Oregon, the populism took a progressive slant, asking everyone to pay their fair share, while in Massachusetts the populism took a different slant, opposing the coronation of a new Senator. Nonetheless, the trend seems clear.

In the comments section of the post, Jerome alluded to a quote from the campaign manager of the Yes efforts.

Kevin Looper, who is running the campaign to ratify the ballot measures, said that "when we started doing focus groups, it was amazing to hear voters demanding to know where the banks were on these measures. Because they wanted to be on the opposite side."

While the political class in Oregon clearly heard the message, adopting a new populist tone asking everyone to pay their fair share in taxes -- note that national polling from last year showed that 60 percent believed "upper-income people" are paying too little, rather than their fair share, in federal taxes, with 67 percent saying the same about corporations -- it remains to be seen is the Beltway elite will get the message too.

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The Beltway Elite?

MSM types will never get it or will not say it on the air. A corporate media will not sustain commentary that goes against the economic interests of those in charge. The focus needs to be on elected Democrats & the only way to get their attention is to successfully primary those that vote much more conservatively than their constitutents. There are those from social conservative districts that are liberal on economic issues & districts that are more progressive than their elected official on both economic & social issues. Pssh... Sen. Lincoln (Ark), House Reps. Ross (Ark & leader of the Blue Dogs) & Steny Hoyer (Maryland & House Majority Leader) would be nice for 2010; Sen. Lieberman & Landrieu when they come up. Also priorities: progressive targeting in upcoming open senate races in Ohio, NH, & Repub senate seats in Maine & Mass. would give progressives a powerful seat at the table.

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