Fox Finds No Cong Dems for Napolitano Resignation

Fox News is running a piece online entitled "Democrats Join Calls for Napolitano to Step Down Following Failed Attack." Here's the lede:

Some Democrats have joined in calling for Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to step down following the attempted bombing of a Northwest Airlines flight a week ago.

The remarkable thing about this article is more what it doesn't say than what it does. Despite scouring for dissenting Democratic voices, Fox failed to find even one Democratic member of Congress calling for Secretary of Homeland Security Janey Napolitano to resign. Not one.

Who was Fox able to round up in favor of resignation? A single elected official who the Democrats recently ousted as their leader in the New Jersey state Senate and another whose deepest ties to the Democratic Party lie in his long time affiliation with Joe Lieberman. That's all they've got.

So at least from this vantage, the story is that Fox News can't find a single Democratic member of Congress calling on Napolitano to resign. Which is actually quite newsworthy, come to think of it.

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Note to Reporters
Dan Gerstein is NOT a Democrat. He doesn't speak for Democrats. The crap that comes out of his mouth is one of the reasons Lieberman was kicked out of the Democratic Party. If you are going to quote Dan Gerstein, he should be quoted in the proper context of representing the exact opposite of what Democrats should do. Unless you are Fox and you want to make Democrats look bad. Then he's the perfect source.
by Bob Brigham 2010-01-03 02:41AM | 0 recs
RE: Note to Reporters
Another data point, in discussing the approval by two Senate committees, I heard a reporter call Lieberman a republican, she was accidentally correct (of course) but it's good to hear the MSM call him on his game playing.
by MichiganMark 2010-01-04 12:41PM | 0 recs


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