New Year, Same Old Fox

As per the criticism of her comments that "the system worked," Secretary Napolitano wasn't talking about the breach of security at Schipol Airport in the Netherlands but rather the response of Federal agencies once the incident occured. Those like Charles Krauthammer in the Washington Post are jumping on those comments not because they disagree with the comments but because they wish to score political points against an Administration which in their view can do nothing right.

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True Dat
It follows the Fox tradition of having a "democratic strategist" on to give the "liberal perspective." It's usually an obscure former adviser to a failed legislative candidate. Granted, the commentary these pathetic talking head wannabes offer is not necessarily worse than that given by the big-name party hacks that MSNBC hires.
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The GOP has traction on terror
And this is an effective political move simply because it forces Obama to spend an iota of his time defending Napolitano, and every time he is spent on defense, he can't be on offense.

Of course this is shameful and sprouts from the GOP meme that only they can truly keep us safe, even when they don't. Like a certain Tuesday in September of 2001.

The GOP will try to make as much of a mountain out of this mole hill, and I'm glad we can rely on supposedly "liberal" establishments quiting supposedly "established" journalistic sources to set the matter straight.

Hey, Arianna "Joe Biden Should Resign!" Huffington, ignoring you is the New Year's Reoslution I've been looking for. Go eff yourself peddling that crap.
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RE: New Year, Same Old Fox
Funny how Republicans or Gerstein or Lieberman types never really put the heat on accountability for Republican missteps in the war on terror. Why is no one asking Lieberman to step down from his chairmanship. As far as Napolitano, I don't have high regard for her. She seemed a little clueless in articulating what is going on. She should have shown some leadership and explained clearly what is going to happen when they catch the official who blundered in not escalating the complaint by the terrorist's dad. There has been no accountability during the Bushies term. I want Napolitano to show that there will be accountability now instead of resorting to pandering to the masses by condoning an overreaction by the government when it comes to TSA security measures.
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