HuffPo: GOP Taps Birther for Obama Response

Jason Linkins has the story for the Huffington Post:

Louisiana Rep. Charles Boustany will be delivering the GOP response to President Obama's address to a joint session of Congress tonight. The Washington Post says that it's a "somewhat surprising pick in that he is little-known nationally and not part of the Republican leadership in Congress."

What is known about Boustany is that he is a heart surgeon. Somewhat ironically, Boustany is also the co-sponsor of the "Life Sustaining Treatment Preferences Act of 2009" which would mandate that Medicare reimburse the cost of end-of-life counseling -- the so-called "death panels."

But the most "surprising" aspect to the choice of Boustany is the fact that he is a Birther!

Per Linkins, when asked earlier this summer by Mike Stark about the faux-controversy about President Obama's place of birth, Congressman Charles Boustany responded, "I think there are questions, we'll have to see." While Boustany reportedly has since backed off these flirtations with the birther movement, his selection to serve as the Republicans' face to the American people, even if only for one night, says a great deal about the current state of the GOP, particularly its willingness to play to the basest elements of the electorate to the detriment of broader appeal.

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SEPTEMBER 9, 2009, 7:40 P.M. ET


Millions of Americans watched President Barack Obama's speech last night to a joint session of Congress.

What a pain in the ass.

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