Obama Approval Moving Noticeably Upward

Check out the current trend estimate of Barack Obama's approval rating from Pollster.com:

If you turn up the sensitivity to high, the current trend becomes even more clear:

Judging by the more sensitive graph, the inflection point at which the President's approval rating began to increase rapidly occurred roughly one week ago, with his previous approval slide having all but stopped roughly one month ago. It is not likely entirely coincidental that the period of growth in the President's numbers has coincided with a period of increasing optimism about the chances healthcare reform will become law -- and increasing support for such reform (with even Rasmussen Reports finding an 8-point increase in support for such legislation in just the last month). With numbers like these, it's not at all a stretch to argue that opposing reform is bad politics for individual lawmakers, or that the key to the success of the President is closely tied to the success of the legislative push for healthcare reform.

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Re: Obama Approval Moving Noticeably Upward

Front and Center is where he needs to be. EVerytime he gives a speech, his poll numbers go up. So - he needs to keep giving speeches, it makes everyone feel better.

by nikkid 2009-09-14 06:32PM | 0 recs
Re: Obama Approval Moving Noticeably Upward

It's not that he needs to give more speeches.  He needs to time them correctly - something that he was quite adept at during the campaign.  He lost some steam over the summer because it wasn't clear what he was for, despite talking quite a bit about it.  It seems he's much more effective in speech mode than in press conference mode.

Democrats elected him to achieve something; it seemed he was going to be unable to do that with healthcare.  Now it's looking like it will go through, giving him an aura of success.

I always thought his approvals above 62-63% were superficial anyway.  Considering the partisan environment, if he's around 60, high 50's, that's about the best possible performance, unless there's some sort of crisis that he handles well.  

by redguard57 2009-09-15 06:55AM | 0 recs


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