Ted Kennedy is Dead

From CNN:

(CNN) -- Sen. Edward Kennedy, the patriarch of the first family of Democratic politics, died at Tuesday night in his home in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, after a lengthy battle with brain cancer. He was 77.

"We've lost the irreplaceable center of our family and joyous light in our lives, but the inspiration of his faith, optimism, and perseverance will live on in our hearts forever," a family statement said. "We thank everyone who gave him care and support over this last year, and everyone who stood with him for so many years in his tireless march for progress toward justice."

The man who gave us SCHIP, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and COBRA, who erased immigration quotas, who defined liberalism, who stood up to Reagan. A real American hero.

(For the full text and audio of this speech, visit this link. H/T reggie44pride in the comment section.)

My hands are trembling as I type. I have weeped over three political stories in my short life - 9/11, Obama's election, and tonight. And I should add, my health insurance is through COBRA - I wouldn't have paid for my annual physical and semi-annual dental checkup this summer, and I would be subject to preconditions, if not for Ted Kennedy.

Health care reform must pass, and let that be his legacy more than any family relation.

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My hands are tremblin too

And I have no idea what to write...big loss !!

by Ravi Verma 2009-08-25 09:38PM | 0 recs
Re: Ted Kennedy is Dead

I've been crying non stop since I first heard this 10 mins ago...OMG! RIP Uncle Teddy!

by GayTeen4Obama 2009-08-25 09:49PM | 0 recs
In 2004, in the Fleet Center

as John Kerry prepared to give his speech, I wandered through the back halls of the Fleet Center trying to corner anyone I can corner. Jon Corzine ran from me, so did John Edwards, Congresswoman Anna Eshoo and Congressman Barney Frank.

An elevator door opened and out stumbled a big gray haired man.

Senator Ted Kennedy...the only man willing to take a couple of minutes to talk to me.

by DTOzone 2009-08-25 09:51PM | 0 recs
Re: Ted Kennedy is Dead

God Bless Him. I can't seem to stop crying.

by GayTeen4Obama 2009-08-25 09:54PM | 0 recs
Re: Ted Kennedy is Dead

God rest his soul.  I hope his family is OK.

by AZphilosopher 2009-08-25 09:58PM | 0 recs
Re: Ted Kennedy is Dead

Thanks, Teddy, for a job well done.

May the angels take you into Paradise.

by susie 2009-08-25 10:14PM | 0 recs
Re: Ted Kennedy is Dead

Please pass this great American address on to those that might care. It is a call for a socially just, economically prosperous, and environmentally sound America that to this day we've not achieved. http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches /tedkennedy1980dnc.htm

by reggie44pride 2009-08-25 11:48PM | 0 recs
Re: Ted Kennedy is Dead

We have lost so much.

"An important chapter in our history has come to an end. Our country has lost a great leader, who picked up the torch of his fallen brothers and became the greatest United States Senator of our time."

President Obama's statement,

by sandy 2009-08-26 01:14AM | 0 recs
Cobra is awful, but its something..

I think part of Kennedy's legacy does include Cobra, but its so awful I have to say that if we don't pass healthcare (I have stopped calling it "public option" and "reform", its just "healthcare".. or "health services") ...

Then I think we are doing a disservice to his memory. Cobra is only good, as a beginning.

Health services will be such a huge turn-on to the American people that when its history and origin is charted, Ted's Cobra will be seen as a first step to having had created it - and it will be seen in positive light

however, the expensive premiums of Cobra are such an awful solution please let us realize that Cobra as it stands is nothing more or less than triage.

Kennedy's legacy should and will live on in the action of getting real health services started in America.

by Trey Rentz 2009-08-26 03:34AM | 0 recs
Re: Ted Kennedy is Dead

He was a reminder of what policians should strive to be in public life. I hope is example will ignite the desire to be better in others in DC.

by bruh3 2009-08-26 04:43AM | 0 recs
Wanna bet ...

That in yet another cry for help Rush Limpbaugh will say something totally uncalled for and sleazy today on his show about Kennedy?

I would bet he will.

by RichardFlatts 2009-08-26 05:09AM | 0 recs
Re: Ted Kennedy is Dead

Hours and hours later and I still don't know what to say. When I went to sleep the world was as I knew it and I woke up in what feels to me a strange new time. We can only hope there is someone who can stand tall for all of us as Teddy did for so long... and I can only hope that this will serve as a reminder to the rest of the party to do their jobs.

by JDF 2009-08-26 07:48AM | 0 recs


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