Grassley explains how you, too, can afford better health insurance

Senator Chuck Grassley has been holding town-hall meetings around the state this week, and the Iowa Democratic Party highlighted a fun clip from his June 30 meeting in Waukon. A constituent wanted to know why his health insurance policy was so much more expensive than Grassley's, despite having less generous coverage.

The senator advised the questioner to "go work for John Deere" if he wanted a better insurance policy. (Not too practical, since Deere has laid off workers in Dubuque, Ottumwa and the Quad Cities this year.) As Grassley tried to move on to the next question, the man continued to press for details about Grassley's own coverage, and the senator advised him to go talk to the people at the Farm Services Administration about health insurance.

But the questioner followed up again: "How come I can't have the same thing you have?"

To which Grassley replied, "You can. Go work for the federal government."

Since there aren't too many federal government jobs in the Waukon area, I have a better idea: why doesn't Grassley support a real public health insurance option for all Americans?

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were you in Iowa City?

or perhaps at an event in a Democratic family?

Unfortunately, Grassley's approval rating as measured by SUSA has only dipped below 60 percent a couple of times in the last five years. Even a lot of Democrats like him or think he's "not that bad." He is a pro at taking on small-scale government waste or unfairness and looking like a crusader for whistleblowers. Also, he got a lot of press for starting to investigate the tax-free status of some televangelists (but that hasn't gone anywhere that I know of).

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Re: A lesbian wedding in Muscatine

LGBT not really his demographic...

But seriously, Iowa Democrats gave Grassley a pass for a lot of years. So most people haven't heard much about his really bad votes. Also, he visits all 99 counties every year, and he has really good constituent service (much better than harkin's). So even in small towns, people feel Grassley is accessible. Think how many people have a friend or relative who was helped in some way by Grassley's office during the past 30 years. Incumbents have a lot of advantages.

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Re: Grassley explains how you, too, can afford bet

Keep spreading the message. The message that he's not that bad is the poison. Say how bad it is,. and say the onl;y solution is electing someone that that DO, not say what American's want.

I really hate that "not too bad" its exactly thtr same as Charles Lemos' article about how Honduras' military overthrow and tanks in the street  'doesn't seem like a coup' - completely infuriating.

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