Senator M.C. Escher

On Cheney's covert CIA program:

MR. GREGORY:  Should there be an investigation, do you think?

SEN. McCAIN:  I don't know if--first of all, I'd like to know the facts of the case before there should be an, "an investigation."

MR. GREGORY:  Mm-hmm.

SEN. McCAIN:  How long did, did the director of the CIA know about this program and when did he terminate it?  And all of these things are going to, are probably going to be heavily discussed in the weeks ahead.

If only some sort of process existed that could uncover facts through a series of cumulative inquiries...

Oh well.

And the softball sails right past David Gregory, of course...

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Re: Senator M.C. Escher

1) To think this one clown was almost President.

2) To think this other clown is all too representative of our mainstream media.

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Re: Senator M.C. Escher

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Re: Senator M.C. Escher

That quote right there encapsulates exactly what's wrong with our media.  What's the point of an interviewer if you're going to let "I'd like to know the facts of the case before there should be an, 'an investigation.'" fly by unchallenged?  Why not just let McCain give a prepared speech for 20-30 minutes?

The additional lunacy is that McCain wants to find out "What did the Obama CIA chief know?", rather than "Who ordered the CIA to break oversight laws for 7 years?" or "Who authorized a program so blatantly illegal that they wouldn't share it with the oversight committee they briefed about wiretapping and torture?"

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Senator Lewis Carroll

'No, no!' said the Queen. 'Facts first - investigation afterwards.'

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Re: Senator M.C. Escher

This is really a non issue as far as I am concerned . It seems it was just in its planning stages , was not operational  and probably didn't  meet the threshold for disclosure to the congress .

Much ado about very little.

It would be hard for me to loose sleep over Cheney ordering the assasination of Al Queada members in other countries without the knowledge of those governments , it seems like the policy of the current administration. In retrospect I can understand why the  Bush administration  and the CIA would want to keep it secret and from congress , it would probably be on the front page of the New York times the day after congress was briefed in the midst of a war...

The military and the Obama administration are targeting Al Queada members in Pakistan and Afganistan without the knowledge of those governments in some cases , so I don't see that as controversial...The disclosure issue seems to be mute since it has come to light that it was non operational and was one of the scenarios the CIA were looking into.

This issue is probably controversial to mostly those on MSNBC and like minds..Chris Matthews should get over his irrational hatred for anything Cheney , his segment over the CIA thing was ridiculous in light of disclosures about the issues all through out the day that has seemed to knock dow the NY times story...

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Re: Senator M.C. Escher

Of course it's a non-issue for you.  It's republican malfeasance!

by lojasmo 2009-07-15 06:19AM | 0 recs
Gregory has his job BECAUSE he's Mm-hmm/nt

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