Democrat Diane Denish Looks Strong in NM-Gov

Take as look at these impressive numbers, per a release from the Democratic Governors Association:

New Mexico Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish is leading both potential Republican opponents by a commanding margin, according to statewide polling released today by the Democratic Governors Association.

In head-to-head matchups, Denish is leading both Steve Pearce and Heather Wilson by 22 points, with 57 percent of voters supporting Denish and 35 percent the Republican.

There was a time at which New Mexico looked like a genuine swing state. Indeed, back in 2000, Al Gore carried the state by just 366 votes. But in 2008, Barack Obama carried the state by 15 percentage points in an election that also saw the Democrats picking up a Senate seat (by more than a 20 percentage point margin!) and two House seats, suggesting the state may not be as balanced as we once thought it was. These numbers showing the state's Democratic Lieutenant Governor simply thumping two potential top-notch Republican competitors only back up this sentiment.

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