Kay Bailey Hutchison Running for Governor

It hasn't been much of a secret in political circles, but Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is running for Governor:

I am running for Governor because Texas must prepare for the future. I am running because I believe it is conservative to demand results and hold government accountable - with integrity and responsibility.

It's presumed that Hutchison will resign the Senate at some point during her gubernatorial run. The logic behind such a move seems crystal clear: her votes today have the potential to hurt her tomorrow. To take one example, if she votes to filibuster Sonia Sotomayor, she has the potential to ingratiate herself with the Republican base in Texas, whom she needs to win over in order to wrest her party's nomination from the incumbent GOP Governor Rick Perry, but she also has the very real potential of turning off Hispanic voters, who very well could determine whether she can win a general election. Flip that vote around and you get the opposite situation -- a less happy base but a slightly better shot in November (if, and that's a big if, she can get through a primary).

The same can be said about any number of other issues before the Senate these days. Running in a contested primary for Governor from the Senate places a candidate like Hutchison between a rock and a hard place. How she could succeed without leaving the chamber -- thus opening up a potential Democratic pick-up in an ensuing special election -- is beyond me.

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Re: Kay Bailey Hutchison Running for Governor

I just don't see the governorship of Texas being won by one of ours yet.

While the ideal outcome would be one in which a Democrat is the ultimate winner, if I was forced to choose between Perry and Hutchinson in the mansion, it would be Hutchinson, and it wouldn't even be close.

I have mixed feelings about my hope for the GOP primary... on one hand, I think Perry would be far easier to defeat in the general election than Hutchison, but at the same time, I still don't know if he can be beaten.

I think if Hutchison gets past Perry, the general election will be meaningless - I believe Hutchison will steamroll whoever she faces in the general.

So in one sense, hoping for a Hutchsion victory in the GOP primary seems tantamount to hoping for a Republican victory next November in Texas, but at the same time, the thought of Perry getting re-elected to a third term seems far more bothersome than having a more moderate, less crazy, and pro-choice Republican heading up that state.

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